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   Present Tense.


1. Elun, I give. Eluvu, We two give. Eluign, We give
2. Eluimi, Thou givest. Eluimu, You two give. Eluimen, Ye give
3. Elui He gives. Eluigu, They two give. Eluigen_, They give_

   Second Present,
   1. Eluchen, I give.
   2. Eluchemi, Thou givest, &c.

   1. Elubun, I did give.
   2. Elubuimi, Thou, &c.

   1. Eluuyen, I gave.
   2. Eluuyeimi, Thou, &c.

   1. Elunyebun, I had given, &c.

   1st Future,
   1. Eluan, I will give, &c.

   2d Future,
   1. Eluayean, I shall have given, &c.

   1st Mixed,
   1. Eluabun, I had to give, &c.

   2d Mixed,
   1. Eluugabun, I ought to have had to give; &c.



1 Eluche, let me give Eluyu, let us two give Eluign, let us give
2 Eluge, give thou Elamu, let you two give Elumen, give ye
3 Elupe, let him give Elugu let these two give Elugen, let them give


Present tense, Eluli, if I may give Imperfect, Elubili, if I might give Perfect, Eluuyeli, if I may have given Pluperfect, Eluuyebuli, if I might have given 1st.  Future, Eluaii, if I shall give 2d.  Future, Eluuyela, if I shall have given 1st.  Mixed, Eluabuli, if I had to give 2d.  Mixed, Eluyeabuli, if I should have to give

The optative is formed of the subjunctive, or of the two mixed-tenses of the indicative, by adding the desiderative particles velem, uel, or chi; as eluli velem!  Would to God that I might give; eluabun chi!  Would to God that I had to give; &c.  The affirmative infinitive is the same with the radical of the verb; or 1st person singular of the indicative tense; so that there are nine peculiar infinitives, which are distinguished from these tenses by some determinative particle.

                         ACTIVE PARTICIPLES.
   1st Present, Elulu, he who gives
   2d Present, Eluquelu, he who gives
   Imperfect, Elubulei, he who did give
   Perfect, Eluuyelu, he who gave
   Pluperfect, Eluuyebula, he who had given
   1st Future, Elualu, he who shall give
   2d Future, Eluuyealu, he who shall have given
   1st Mixed, Eluabulu, he who shall have to give
   2d Mixed, Eluuyeabulu, he who should have given

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