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X. Farther Narrative of the War, to the Conclusion of Peace with the

XI.  Renewal of the War with the Araucanians, and succinct Narrative of the History of Chili, from 1655 to 1787,

XII.  State of Chili towards the end of the Eighteenth Century,

XIII.  Account of the Archipelago of Chiloe,

XIV.  Account of the native tribes inhabiting the southern extremity of
South America,

Chap.  X. Discovery of Florida, and Account of several ineffectual
Attempts to Conquer and Settle that Country by the Spaniards,

Sect.  I. Discovery of Florida, by Juan Ponce de Leon,

II.  Narrative of a Disastrous attempt by Panfilo de Narvaez to conquer
Florida; together with some account of that Country,

III.  Adventures and wonderful escape of Cabeza de Vaca, after the loss of Narvaez,

Sect.  IV.  Narrative of a new attempt to Conquer Florida, by Ferdinand de Soto,

V. Continuation of the Transactions of Ferdinand de Soto in Florida,

VI.  Conclusion of the Expedition to Florida by Ferdinand de Soto,

[Illustration:  Viceroyalty of new Granada]

general history
voyages and travels.

* * * * *


* * * * *

CHAPTER VII Continued.

Continuation of the early history of Peru, after the death of Francisco Pizarro, to the defeat of Gonzalo Pizarro, and the re-establishment of Tranquility in the country; written by Augustino Zarate.


Continuation of the Viceroyalty of Blasco Nunnez Vela, to his deposition and expulsion front Peru.

The viceroy received immediate intelligence of the revolt of Puelles, as mentioned in the foregoing section, which; was brought to him by a Peruvian captain named Yllatopa; and, though he considered it as a very unfortunate incident, he took immediate measures to counteract their intentions of joining the enemy, by sending a detachment to occupy the passes of the valley of Jauja, through which they must necessarily march on their way from Guanuco to join Gonzalo.  For this purpose, he immediately ordered his brother Vela Nunnez to march in all haste with a detachment of forty light armed cavalry, and thirty musqueteers under the command of Gonzalo Diaz, besides whom ten of the friends and relations of Nunnez went as volunteers on this expedition. 

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