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Again we wish to warn prospective lot buyers upon the Cape not to have dealings with real estate agents of the type known as “land sharks.”  The reputable agents are well known and can be depended upon to give a square deal, but there are get-rich-quick men who stand ready to take advantage of the unwary and sell them sand lots among the dunes and locations among the scrub oaks, remote from habitations and worthless for any purpose.  Beautiful prospectus and misleading blue prints do not afford a sufficient basis for lot buying and personal investigation is as needful here as anywhere else.  Cheap land is apt to be dear at any price and unless one personally investigates what is being offered it will be well to go slow.

There are plenty of real seaside bargains left on the Cape.  In the vicinity of the popular resorts land values are apt to be high, but there are numberless localities that have not yet been developed that present good possibilities and the seeker after a summer home can find such localities without much trouble and a very little money will buy land suitable for their purposes amid surroundings that are congenial, scenic and healthful.

Among the hundreds of new cottages that are being built upon the Cape this season are those ranging from the simple cottage costing only a few hundred dollars and those which are destined to be pretentious summer homes, but whether hundreds of dollars are spent or thousands all are assured pleasant, healthful environments with opportunities for rest and recreation unsurpassed.

We predict a brilliant future for our region.  It is just beginning to be understood and appreciated.  Its advantages are becoming known and its attractiveness understood.

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Your habits will determine largely whether you give or take orders.

Is it your habit to shirk responsibility—­to “pass the buck”—­whenever possible?  If so, you will never be the “boss.”  One man has no one to whom he can pass the buck.  That person is the chief.  Accept and welcome responsibility.  Have the courage to face the consequences of your acts and decisions.

Develop self-confidence, not egotism.  Let that confidence be founded on experience, study, common sense, and careful work.

Indulge in retrospection.  Examine decisions that you have made, in an attempt to develop the faculty for reaching conclusions on tenable grounds quickly, Quick decisions expedite the processes of business and inspire confidence in one’s co-workers.  The man who does not know his mind cannot guide efficiently the mental or physical energies of others.

Are you careless?  Do you permit to pass unquestioned points about which you are uncertain?  Do you take it for granted that these things will “get by” or that they never will be noticed?  Again you are shifting the burden, expecting that someone will do the work you should have done.  That carelessness will militate against you to prevent your elevation to an executive position.  The boss cannot be careless and hold the respect of his associates or his position.

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