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After eighty-seven days of such sea life I was aroused one morning to go on deck and see if I could see anything that looked like land and saw what at first seemed to me to be a small cloud in the distance about thirty miles away.  As the morning wore on, the Australian coast gradually loomed up before us, the land first seen proving to be Cape Bridgewater.  We sighted Cape Otway in the afternoon, the lighthouse being plainly seen in the evening, and such a beautiful evening as it was!  Not a cloud in the sky!  The stars shone like diamonds and the reflection on the water of the beautiful moon put a finish to the charm of a perfect night.  The Southern Cross was almost directly over us, while in close proximity to the moon was the brilliant Venus.  We remained on deck very late that night to enjoy our beautiful scene.  During the evening a very pretty phenomenon took place when the sky became a brilliant red, like the reflection of a fire, forming an arc through which the stars could be plainly seen.  It remained thus for some time, until it gradually changed into a white light, the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis as the change is called.

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[Illustration:  The old town Crier]



Whatever may be the situation throughout the country, Cape Cod shows evidences of prosperity that cannot be overlooked.  In fact, dull times on the Cape are a thing of the past and each year sees a steady growth, increasing land values and larger summer population.

While the Cape has not increased very fast in permanent population it has shown a remarkable advancement in wealth and prosperity.  Lands that a few years ago had little value have been developed, cottages and homes have been built, agricultural interests developed and all along the line the Cape has moved steadily forward.

This year there has been a great many real estate changes, shore colonies are being opened up and builders are busy everywhere supplying the demand for more summer homes.

All signs point to the fact that the Cape is at that stage in its development where it is becoming widely and favorably known as a summer resort region.  Its business facilities are increasing, the quality of its stores improving and from a more or less provincial community it is developing into a region second to none in prosperity along the New England coast.

It has been widely and extensively advertised and although it has not boomed as have some of the southern resorts its growth has been more steady and sane and it is devoid of those inflated values which are apt to be followed by a depression in so many cases.  The Cape’s growth has been a conservative one and therefore a permanent one.

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