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that in the United States, which has produced Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Henry Ward Beecher, James Russell Lowell, John G. Whittier and Abraham Lincoln there must be those of their descendants who would take hold of the work of inaugurating an era of law and order.  The colored people of this country who have been loyal to the flag believe the same, and strong in that belief have begun this crusade.  To those who still feel they have no obligation in the matter, we commend the following lines of Lowell on “Freedom.”

    Men! whose boast it is that ye
    Come of fathers brave and free,
    If there breathe on earth a slave
    Are ye truly free and brave? 
    If ye do not feel the chain,
    When it works a brother’s pain,
    Are ye not base slaves indeed,
    Slaves unworthy to be freed?

    Women! who shall one day bear
    Sons to breathe New England air,
    If ye hear without a blush,
    Deeds to make the roused blood rush
    Like red lava through your veins,
    For your sisters now in chains,—­
    Answer! are ye fit to be
    Mothers of the brave and free?

    Is true freedom but to break
    Fetters for our own dear sake,
    And, with leathern hearts, forget
    That we owe mankind a debt? 
    No! true freedom is to share
    All the chains our brothers wear,
    And, with heart and hand, to be
    Earnest to make others free!

    There are slaves who fear to speak
    For the fallen and the weak;
    They are slaves who will not choose
    Hatred, scoffing, and abuse,
    Rather than in silence shrink
    From the truth they needs must think;
    They are slaves who dare not be
    In the right with two or three.


The very frequent inquiry made after my lectures by interested friends is “What can I do to help the cause?” The answer always is:  “Tell the world the facts.”  When the Christian world knows the alarming growth and extent of outlawry in our land, some means will be found to stop it.

The object of this publication is to tell the facts, and friends of the cause can lend a helping hand by aiding in the distribution of these books.  When I present our cause to a minister, editor, lecturer, or representative of any moral agency, the first demand is for facts and figures.  Plainly, I can not then hand out a book with a twenty-five-cent tariff on the information contained.  This would be only a new method in the book agents’ art.  In all such cases it is a pleasure to submit this book for investigation, with the certain assurance of gaining a friend to the cause.

There are many agencies which may be enlisted in our cause by the general circulation of the facts herein contained.  The preachers, teachers, editors and humanitarians of the white race, at home and abroad, must have facts laid before them, and it is our duty to supply these facts.  The Central Anti-Lynching League, Room 9, 128 Clark St., Chicago, has established a Free Distribution Fund, the work of which can be promoted by all who are interested in this work.

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