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  3.  She was compelled by threats, if not by violence, to make the charge
  against the victim.

  4.  When she came to apply the match Coy asked her if she would burn him
  after they had “been sweethearting” so long.

  5.  A large majority of the “superior” white men prominent in the affair
  are the reputed fathers of mulatto children.

These are not pleasant facts, but they are illustrative of the vital phase of the so-called race question, which should properly be designated an earnest inquiry as to the best methods by which religion, science, law and political power may be employed to excuse injustice, barbarity and crime done to a people because of race and color.  There can be no possible belief that these people were inspired by any consuming zeal to vindicate God’s law against miscegenationists of the most practical sort.  The woman was a willing partner in the victim’s guilt, and being of the “superior” race must naturally have been more guilty.


February 11, 1893, there occurred in Shelby County, Tennessee, the fourth Negro lynching within fifteen months.  The three first were lynched in the city of Memphis for firing on white men in self-defense.  This Negro, Richard Neal, was lynched a few miles from the city limits, and the following is taken from the Memphis (Tenn.) Scimitar

As the Scimitar stated on Saturday the Negro, Richard Neal, who raped Mrs. Jack White near Forest Hill, in this county, was lynched by a mob of about 200 white citizens of the neighborhood.  Sheriff McLendon, accompanied by Deputies Perkins, App and Harvey and a Scimitar reporter, arrived on the scene of the execution about 3:30 in the afternoon.  The body was suspended from the first limb of a post oak tree by a new quarter-inch grass rope.  A hangman’s knot, evidently tied by an expert, fitted snugly under the left ear of the corpse, and a new hame string pinioned the victim’s arms behind him.  His legs were not tied.  The body was perfectly limber when the Sheriff’s posse cut it down and retained enough heat to warm the feet of Deputy Perkins, whose road cart was converted into a hearse.  On arriving with the body at Forest Hill the Sheriff made a bargain with a stalwart young man with a blonde mustache and deep blue eyes, who told the Scimitar reporter that he was the leader of the mob, to haul the body to Germantown for $3.
When within half-a-mile of Germantown the Sheriff and posse were overtaken by Squire McDonald of Collierville, who had come down to hold the inquest.  The Squire had his jury with him, and it was agreed for the convenience of all parties that he should proceed with the corpse to Germantown and conduct the inquiry as to the cause of death.  He did so, and a verdict of death from hanging by parties unknown was returned in due form.

  The execution of Neal was done deliberately and by the best people of
  the Collierville, Germantown and Forest Hill neighborhoods, without
  passion or exhibition of anger.

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