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An account has been given of the cremation of Henry Smith, at Paris, Texas, for the murder of the infant child of a man named Vance.  It would appear that human ferocity was not sated when it vented itself upon a human being by burning his eyes out, by thrusting a red-hot iron down his throat, and then by burning his body to ashes.  Henry Smith, the victim of these savage orgies, was beyond all the power of torture, but a few miles outside of Paris, some members of the community concluded that it would be proper to kill a stepson named William Butler as a partial penalty for the original crime.  This young man, against whom no word has ever been said, and who was in fact an orderly, peaceable boy, had been watched with the severest scrutiny by members of the mob who believed he knew something of the whereabouts of Smith.  He declared from the very first that he did not know where his stepfather was, which statement was well proven to be a fact after the discovery of Smith in Arkansas, whence he had fled through swamps and woods and unfrequented places.  Yet Butler was apprehended, placed under arrest, and on the night of February 6, taken out on Hickory Creek, five miles southeast of Paris, and hung for his stepfather’s crime.  After his body was suspended in the air, the mob filled it with bullets.


The entire system of the judiciary of this country is in the hands of white people.  To this add the fact of the inherent prejudice against colored people, and it will be clearly seen that a white jury is certain to find a Negro prisoner guilty if there is the least evidence to warrant such a finding.

Meredith Lewis was arrested in Roseland, La., in July of last year.  A white jury found him not guilty of the crime of murder wherewith he stood charged.  This did not suit the mob.  A few nights after the verdict was rendered, and he declared to be innocent, a mob gathered in his vicinity and went to his house.  He was called, and suspecting nothing, went outside.  He was seized and hurried off to a convenient spot and hanged by the neck until he was dead for the murder of a woman of which the jury had said he was innocent.


Wednesday, July 5, about 10 o’clock in the morning, a terrible crime was committed within four miles of Wickliffe, Ky.  Two girls, Mary and Ruby Ray, were found murdered a short distance from their home.  The news of this terrible cowardly murder of two helpless young girls spread like wild fire, and searching parties scoured the territory surrounding Wickliffe and Bardwell.  Two of the searching party, the Clark brothers, saw a man enter the Dupoyster cornfield; they got their guns and fired at the fleeing figure, but without

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