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And by their advice, good sense and discretion,
She managed with fitness to govern the nation. 
As a Queen she seems great, though weak as a woman,
And when praised as a Goddess, was no more than human;
At the age of threescore, she loved to be compared
As a beauty to Venus, though crook’d and red haired. 
Of lovers she had full many a one,
Who sought, through her hand, a pass to the throne,
But chose to remain single; for full well she knew,
That in giving her hand, she gave away her power too. 
In this reign we find ineffacible blots,
In the treatment of Essex, and Mary of Scots;
The death of the former, the Queen sorely repents,
And for her lost Essex she deeply laments. 
The remorse of a Countess, in keeping his ring,
I leave to some rhymer, more able to sing. 
Next James sixth of Scotland, first of England became—­
In peace and security permitted to reign. 
In the person of James, two crowns were united,
And England and Scotland remain undivided. 
With this king the reign of the Stuarts began,
And continued to the end of the reign of Queen Ann. 
In the reign of Charles first, commences a strife
Between King and Parliament, that ends but with life;
This poor King was beheaded, his son had to flee,
And in his place Oliver Cromwell we see. 
Now in Cromwell the ruler of England we find;
Right or wrong, I never could make up my mind;
Still all must allow (for deny it who can?)
That this same Oliver was a very great man. 
In eleven years the days of the Commonwealth ended. 
And gay Charles the second, the throne then ascended. 
This second king Charles king of hearts might be call’d,
For many a fair one he seems t’ have enthrall’d. 
James second, brother of Charles second succeeded,
But after a reign of four years, he seceded;
When quitting his throne, and his country he flies
Over the channel to France, where he dies. 
Next the Prince of Orange, (from Holland he came,)
For the crown of old England, asserted his claim
Through right of his wife, Princess Mary by name. 
And William the third with Mary his wife
Are crowned King and Queen of England for life. 
This princess was lovely in person and mind,
As a wife most devoted, a friend ever kind. 
Queen Ann’s is the next reign that in order appears
And it covers the space of thirteen full years. 
Her death brought the reign of the Stuarts to a close,
But firm on their ruins, the House of Hanover rose. 
With this house the reign of the Georges begins—­
And four in succession we count up as Kings. 
George the third, grandson of the second, so called,
Was for virtues and goodness of heart much extolled. 
His reign the longest of any appears,
Bearing title of king for sixty-two years. 
But when aged four score, this good king we find
Bereft of his senses and hearing, and blind. 
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