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  Hail, glorious morning of Columbia’s birth,
    Celestial dawn of freedom!  There shall be
  In recognition of thy wondrous worth
    By mighty millions this side of the sea,
    Triumphant crowns of laurel wreathed for thee! 
  Welcome thy mammoth pageants, welcome all
    The choral songs and melodies of glee,
  The swelling shouts of praise that gladly fall
  From mighty multitudes in anthems national!

  High hangs the sacred banner, and the stars
    Dance in the sunshine, while the breezes play
  Around the glory of the hallowed bars
    Gleaming in white and crimson; music gay
    Floats from the patriot host and cheers array
  Great shouts around its foldings.  Long in state,
    Flag of the brave and free, wave o’er this day
  To bring the world rejoicings which await
  The natal hours of might, the day we celebrate!

  How fears the tyrant in his capital,
    As myriad wires throb with the nation’s tale! 
  How despot trembles in his castled hall,
    When liberty’s wild shouts of power prevail,
    And give their gladness unto every gale! 
  Fetters and chains dissolve in holy trust,
    Scepters and swords in puny weakness fail,
  While crowns and thrones make monumental dust,
  And kingly Might is dead, Oppression downward thrust.

  Wide float thy wondrous paeans; loudly range
    Thy songs of holy rapture; and the roars
  Of deep-mouthed cannons echo wild and strange
    Through shouting cities; Patriotism pours
    Her full libations on the trembling shores,
  Till earth reels with her triumph; and the voice
    Of millions mad with merriment far soars
  From sea to ocean with entrancing noise,
  Till nations hear the cry and continents rejoice.

  Wave on, thou flag of freedom, and this day
    Still live in hearts of nations!  O, thou Land,
  Where Man was first the monarch, where the sway
    Of birth exalted first was broken, stand
    To guard the helpless with a mighty hand,
  And give the weak protection; scout the ban
    Which tyrants utter, and with growing band
  Of noble freemen serve thy primal plan,
  And bind all nations in the Brotherhood of Man!


  O, gentle shade of quiet woods,
    Where nature dwells in leafy halls,
    I love the sacred voice that falls
  In music o’er thy solitudes! 
  Within thine arms the weary heart
    Is hidden from the toils of men,
  And pleasure makes ambition start
    Into a nobler life again.

  Among the fragrant shadows throng
    With all the riches of their truth,
    Glad echoes from the days of youth
  And mingle into laughing song;
  While angel fingers touch the keys
    That slumber in the silent breast,
  Till mem’ry wakes her lullabies
    And childhood fancies rock to rest.

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