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from Truxillo, on which Sucre, the next in command to Bolivar, advanced to Guayaquil and took possession of it.  At this time, as was afterwards well known, the Limenos were privately soliciting Bolivar to give them his assistance in liberating Peru, both from the Protector and the Spaniards!
Ignorant of this, the Protector, having delegated the supreme authority to the Marquis of Torre Tagle, and appointed General Alvarado Commander-in-Chief in his absence, departed for Guayaquil, for the purpose of the proposed interview.
No sooner had San Martin turned his back, than a public meeting of the Limenos took place in the Plaza, and insisted on the reconstitution of the Cabildo, which assembly had been put down by the Protector immediately after the declaration of independence.  The members having complied, it was decided that “the Minister Monteagudo should be deposed, tried, and subjected to the severity of the law,” a note being despatched to this effect to the Supreme Delegate, Torre Tagle.  The Council of State met, and informed Monteagudo of what had taken place, when he was induced to resign; the Supreme Delegate politely informing the Cabildo that the ex-Minister should be made to answer to the Council of State for the acts of his administration.
This note not satisfying the municipality, the Cabildo requested that Monteagudo should at once be placed in arrest till called upon for his defence, which was immediately complied with; but the step was disapproved by the Limenos, who feared that some crafty subterfuge might again place him in authority.  The Cabildo, therefore, in order to satisfy the people and get rid of the ex-Minister, requested of the Government that he might be put on board ship, and exiled for ever from Peru.  This was also acceded to; and, on the anniversary of his arrival in Lima, Monteagudo was sent under escort to Callao, and forthwith taken to sea.
Torre Tagle was unable to cope with the returning spirit of the Limenos, nor did he attempt it, as the army was as much disgusted as were the inhabitants, and would not have raised a hand against them.  The liberty of the press returned, and the first use of it was the following picture of the exiled Minister, taken from the Lima newspapers; this would not have been inserted here, except to shew the class of men with whom I had so long to contend.
“Every honourable citizen found in Don Bernardo Monteagudo, (this is the name of the man of whom we speak,) an enemy who at any price would have sacrificed him.  How many victims has he not immolated in his one year’s ministry!  More than eight hundred honourable families have been reduced by him to extreme indigence, and the whole city to misery!  Amongst the patriots of Lima, nothing was thought of but where they might find an asylum in a foreign land.  Without agriculture, commerce, industry, personal security,
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