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For commerce in this busy scene;
Stand oft of idler and of scorner,
I mean the modern “Howell’s Corner,”
Called after “Roderick of the sword,”
Once well known Chairman of School Board. 
And down below near Nicholas Street,
A quiet man each morn you’d meet
At ten a.m., his pathway wending,
With steps to Ordnance office bending,
A mild man and an unassuming,
Health and good nature ever blooming
Seem’d stamped upon his smiling face,
Where time had scarcely left its trace;
Semper idem let me beg
Thy pardon, honest William Clegg! 
Nor must, although his bones are rotten,
The ancient Mosgrove be forgotten,
A man of kindly nature, he
Has left a spot in memory
While gazing on each vanish’d scene
That still remains both fresh and green
For when in heat of hurling bent
The ball oft through his window went,
He pitch’d it to us out again,
And ask’d no payment for the pane. 
On Sussex Street, James Inglis flourish’d,
A cannie Scot, and well he nourish’d
A very thriving dry goods trade,
And “piles” of good hard silver made,
Almost amongst the forest trees,
By furs from Aborigines. 
No “Hotel” then was in the town,
“The British” in its old renown,
Of our Hotels the ancient mother
Had not one stone laid on another;
Donald McArthur in a cavern
Of wood sustained his ancient tavern,
And there the best of cheer was found
Within old Bytown’s classic ground;
And now I’ll close my roll of fame
With a most well-remember’d name,
A man of dignity supreme
Rises to view in memory’s dream,
Ultra in Toryism’s tariff,
Was Simon Fraser, Carleton’s Sheriff,
Personified by the third vowel,
Forerunner of W.F.  Powell,
A high and most important man
In the renown’d old Fraser Clan,
Who well had worn the Highland tartan,
For he was bold as any Spartan,
And did his duty mildly, gravely,
And wore the sword and cocked hat bravely.


Come, now, my gentle Muse, once more,
Come with me to the days of yore,
And let us wake, with friendly hand
The memories of that distant land,
The past; and while thy minstrel weaves
A chaplet from the Sybil leaves
Of recollection—­let the light
Of truth upon his lines be bright. 
May he with reverential tread
Approach the dwellings of the dead,
Seeking for some sweet flower of good
Within their solemn solitude: 
And if he finds in fadeless bloom
Around some well remember’d tomb,
Some cherish’d record of the past
Which has defied time’s rudes blast,
And down futurity’s deep vale
Shed fragrance on the passing gale,
Love’s labor, then, the task will be,
My gentle Muse, for thee and me. 
’Mongst those of old remember’d well,
John Wade doth in my memory dwell,
A wit of most undoubted feather—­

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