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Denis Florence MacCarthy
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The Poems contained in this booklet composed when ill, and either blind or nearly so, are given to the public for the purpose of strengthening faith in God.  Those outlining in part, a life that has been more than filled by the disciplinarian, sorrow, are but a glimpse of the many heavy crosses borne.  In my retrospection I can only believe the Father deemed me worthy to be tested, at the same time giving wonderful revelations of Himself and many answers to prayer.  Thanks be to Him, that I was brought through the fire with unshaken faith in Christ, for this end, to prove that those who stand firm in faith will not only be given a victory, but be brought to a greater joy and fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Life’s battles well waged, victoriously fought,
Rich jewels of pearls in Cross will be wrought;
E’er trusting in One who knoweth no wrong,
Forever we’ll live in Land of the Strong.

The author.

The Cross of Pearls.

Gethsemane, how oft, grown dim,
With bleeding hearts, unpardoned sin,
A Cross with pearls, and gems inlaid,
God’s gift of love, the price prepaid.

These precious pearls were once a tear,
Repentant sighs, a hope, a fear,
But rough seas washed and jewels grew
Until the Cross was pearly hue.

Unnumbered are the pearls and fair,
If burdens of the weary share;
And deeply wrought with threads of gold,
If smiles of peace suppress our woe.

To help Thee, Christ, in saving world,
Forgetting self is rarest pearl,
That brightly glows when righting wrong,
Assisting souls in Thee grow strong.

The Cross that Thou so freely bare
Is covered o’er with pearls of prayer;
On Cross of Love all hopes are stayed,
Each time it’s kissed a pearl’s inlaid.

The Solitary Lament.

The terrors of night have fallen on me,
The shadow of forms no longer I see,
Eyes that have lingered on objects of light
Are now ever closed by day and by night;
As time passes on I shed bitter tears,
Wearily waiting these many long years,
Oftentimes waking from dreaming to find
Nothing but gloom—­I am helpless and blind.

Of all earthly joys I am nearly bereft,
No pleasure of friends, alone I am left,
Kind hearts there are some, though many, alas! 
Send a curious gaze toward me as they pass;
One visitor daily—­a small ray of sun
Just crossing my face, it gladly doth run—­
Bringing me news of the weather and time,
And memories sweet of my own sunny clime.

They’ve taken my children away from their home,
For care, to them mother love is unknown;
Their smiles and caresses to strangers are given,
Alone, in despair, my fond heart is riven;
O! tell me, kind angels, shall I ever recover
To care for my children and heart-broken mother? 
While sadly I’m thinking of joys that have passed,
For days like my childhood, in mercy I ask.

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