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The afternoon of Hallowe’en Hal and Mab, who were helping Daddy Blake rake up some of the dead vines in the garden, heard Sammie Porter crying on their front stoop.

“What’s the matter?” asked Hal, running around the corner of the house.

“Oh-o-o-o-o!” cried Sammie.  “Look at the pumpkin face!” and he pointed to the Jack-O’lantern into which the candle had not yet been put.  “It’s alive!” cried Sammie.  “Look, it’s rollin’!”

And so the scooped-out pumpkin was moving!  It was rolling to and fro on the porch and, for a moment, Hal and Mab did not know what to think.  Then, all of a sudden, they heard a noise like: 

“Bow-wow!  Ki-yi!”

“Oh, it’s Roly-Poly!” exclaimed Mab.

“He’s in the pumpkin,” shouted Hal.

And so the little poodle dog was.  He had crawled inside the big, hollowed lantern, while the lid was off, and had gone to sleep inside.  Then Aunt Lolly, as she said afterward, came out, and, seeing the top off the pumpkin-face, had put it on, for fear it might get lost.  Thus, not knowing it, she had shut Roly-Poly up inside the Jack-O’lantern and he had slept there until he felt hungry and awakened.  Then he wiggled about, making the pumpkin move and roll over the stoop as if it were alive.

“Oh, what a funny little dog!” cried Mab, as she cuddled him up in her arms, when she took him from the pumpkin.

“He’s a regular Hallowe’en dog!” laughed Hal.

That night Mr. Jack-of-the-lantern looked very funny as he grinned at Hal, Mab and the other Hallowe’en frolic-makers who passed the Blake stoop.  The candle inside him blazed brightly, shining through his eyes, nose and through his mouth with the pumpkin-teeth.

“A garden makes fun, and it makes good things to eat,” said Hal.

“I wonder what we’ll see when Daddy takes us to the farm?” spoke Mab.

“It will be fun, anyhow,” went on Hal.  “We always have fun when we go anywhere with Daddy!”

And now, as the children’s garden is finished, and all the vegetables are safely put away for the Winter, this book comes to an end.  But there will be another soon, which I hope you will like.  And, for a time, I’ll say “good-bye!”


The next volume in this series will be called:  “Daddy Takes Us To The Farm.”

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