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Committee can not afford to look on letting matters take their course.  The time has arrived for action on its part, that it may set the example before the world what the party it represents will do if placed in power.  The very soul of every prohibitionist in the nation ought to be on fire in a determined fight for the triumph of prohibition in bleeding Kansas.  I believe the struggle being had there now means more, either for the weal or woe of this country, than did the struggle against slavery on the same soil by John Brown and his followers.

National Prohibition Committee, I repeat, “On to bleeding Kansas!”


Columbia, Texas, February 23, 1901.  Mrs. Carrie Nation, Topeka, Kansas.—­Dear Madame and Co- Laborer in the Cause of Humanity—­I have thought for some time that I would write to you, but knowing that you were burdened with correspondence I have put it off from time to time, but at last I venture to consume a little of your valuable time in reading a letter from me.  I have been fighting the liquor devil going on nine years.  Constantly have been called here by the citizens of this place to deliver a series of lectures.  I learn that you once lived here and I see from today’s Houston Post that you once lived at Richmond, Texas.  I find that the lady with whom I am stopping while here knows you (Mrs. G. W. Gayle).  Now Dear Mrs. Nation, I wish to say to you that I believe that God has called you to a great work—­a work that is much needed, and that is calling the attention of the people of the United States to the magnitude of the liquor traffic—­the devil’s great agent in peopling hell—­and I believe you commenced at the right place, the capital of Kansas—­the battlefield.  Kansas being somewhat the center of the United States, the eyes of every state in the union is fixed on it as a guiding star relative to prohibition.  If prohibition could be proven to be a success in Kansas it would not be long until other states would follow in its steps and on and on until our nation would be free from ruin, but I doubt whether that will ever come, short of a great war such as we have not seen or read of.  If it is God’s will, let it come, for there is greater cause for war on this line than there was for the liberation of the Cubans from the Spaniards.  Now we see published in the papers down here that you have gone into a newspaper enterprise to defend the Negro race.  I don’t believe this for I know that there will be many things reported by the liquor traffic to destroy your influence.  I shall deny this report as far as I can until I hear from you, for I know that the liquor traffic is as wise as serpents and as harmless as the devil, and will do anything they can to sidetrack you from the main issue, and that through your supposed friends, so keep both eyes wide open.  Then when they fail in that they will lie on you.  God, give you wisdom and may you stick to your bush is

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