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One cannot help but compare the tobacco smoking dull brained sot-tish students with these giants of moral and physical manhood.  These young I men were the greatest argument in favor of prohibition.  God will bless the Woolley club of Ann Arbor and all such as they.


I attended High Mass in St. Joseph Cathedral.  One of the priests, Mr. Percell, was taking up the collection.  He came to where I was sitting but the smell of cigarette smoke was so strong about him that I could not refrain from a rebuke, so I said:  “You smell so bad from cigarette smoke.”

He said:  “Who?”

I said:  “You!”

He said:  “You are a liar!”

I said:  “No I am not, you do smell bad!”

He said:  “I will have you put out of this church!”

I said:  “I dare you!  You are the one that should be put out!”

He passed on and after Mass I went into the house of the priest’s and asked for him.  He could not be found but two priests tried to make excuses and treated me well.  Said they smoked.  I told them God said for them to cleanse themselves from all filthiness of the flesh.  That they were making provisions for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof.  I said:  “What a shame for a man to dress like a saint and to smell like a devil!”

One thing I have noticed—­that the Catholic schools taught by the Brothers are saturated with vile tobacco smoke.  I would not like to send a son to such a place for that reason alone.  There are many things I like about the Catholic church, but why, oh, why is it so silent as a general thing on the liquor traffic?  Why are so many of its members in this devil’s work?  Oh! what a retribution will be theirs when it will be proven that instead of clothing the naked they have robbed children of clothes.  Instead of feeding the hungry they have allowed them to starve because their bread was taken to buy drink.  They sent souls to prison and did not minister to them!



In all ages woman has taken an active part in the defense of man.  She is the best defender he ever had on earth, because she is his mother.  True mothers think more of the interest of their children than of their own.  God intended it so, All animals have a care for their offspring.  The hen will fight the hawk or dog, even man, to defend her little chicks.  The farmer’s wife will not set a hen the second time that will not fight for her little chickens.  Such hens are taken to market.  I have heard my mother say:  “I must set that hen again for she is such a good mother.”  The mother bear will die fighting for her cubs.  The hunters say they dislike to kill her, because of her mother love, that never yields up those two little cubs that she places behind her, and then fights until she dies.  This is the mother love of a brute,—­what ought to be that of the human family?

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