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read, for there I could be quiet.  I read the little book through, before I stopped.  This blessed lesson showed me to my entire satisfaction, that modern spiritualism is witchcraft.  The writer took the instances in the Bible.  God told Moses:  “You must not suffer a witch to live;” see it at the court of Pharoah, and that they have “superhuman power.”  There are two kingdoms.  One of darkness, and one of light.  God rules in the latter; The Devil in the former.  Both have powers above the power of man.  The magicians at Pharoah’s court were wizards; and the woman of Endor was a witch.  The Bible speaks of dealing with “familiar spirits.”  Manasseh, Saul, and other Kings, were cursed for such.  Gal. 5th has it as one of the “mortal sins.”  The Devil can do lying miracles to deceive.  He will heal the body, or appear to do it, to damn the soul.  I find this in “Christian Science.”  This is the mark of the “Beast” or carnal mind.  Man is but a beast without the new birth, or spirit of God.  Carnality always seeks to elevate itself.  Grace is humble, and sees nothing good outside of God.  The mark of the beast, is the number, or mark of a man; that is carnality or the Beast.  Rev. 13:18.



In the fall of 1865, Dr. Gloyd, a young physician, called to see my father to secure the country school, saying he wished to locate in our section of the country, and wanted to take a school that winter, and then he could decide where he would like to practice his profession.

This man was a thorough student, spoke, and read, several different languages; he boarded with.  I liked him, and stood in awe of him because of his superior education, never thinking that he loved me, until he astonished me one evening by kissing me.  I had never had a gentleman to take such a privilege and felt shocked, threw up my hands to my face, saying several times:  “I am ruined.”  My aunt and mother had instilled great reserve in my actions, when in company of gentlemen, so much so that I had never allowed one to sit near or hold my hand.  This was not because I did not like their society, but I had been taught that to inspire respect or love from a man, you must keep him at a distance.  This often made me awkward and reserved, but it did me no harm.  When I learned that Dr. Gloyd loved me, I began to love him.  He was an only child.  His parents had but a modest living.  My mother was not pleased with seeing a growing attachment between us, for there was another match she had planned for me.  When she saw this she would not allow me to sit alone in the room with him, so our communication was mostly by writing letters.  I never knew Shakespeare until he read it to me, and I became an ardent admirer of the greatest poet.  The volume of Shakespeare on his table was our postoffice.  In the morning at breakfast he would manage to call the name “Shakespeare;” then I would know there was a letter for me in its leaves.  After teaching three months he went to Holden, Mo., and located; sent for his father and mother and in two years we were married.

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