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I am out on parole under a jail sentence of four months and a fine of $250.00.  This man Wilson who is in the place of a judge knows that it is a lawless outrage, but true to his party or trust he stands by the combine for as long as the Republican Liquor Power controls office motherhood is sacrificed to the greed of this boa constrictor that coils its huge body crushing out the life and soul of man, woman and child.

If Roosevelt had a sincere interest in increasing the population by urging women to bear children he would say something about what makes it a terror to do so.


Closing remarks with plans for the future—­prohibition clearly defined.

At the close of writing this book, I am in Oklahoma organizing Prohibition Federations.  I am now nearly 60 years of age, I find it necessary to reserve my strength as much as possible in order to put to the best use my remaining years of service.  I expect to remain in Oklahoma until the constitution is made, the field is ripe for action, we want the constitution to be an ideal one.

The Federation will not have as a member, any one voting in a license party—­Anhauser Busch will effect prohibition as soon—­We will not waste time and money in fighting Brewers and Distillers but the cause of them.  We want to prohibit the tyranny and unlawfulness in preventing woman from a voice in the Government, Compulsory education, no games on Lord’s Day, no profanity on the highways.

There are good, loyal prohibitionists in the Anti-Saloon League, but those who control it are generally there for the salary.  Being usually Republicans who by their ballot prove themselves to be the strongest advocates for license, they are hindering the true principle of prohibition.  Their votes combine to perpetuate the saloon.

The great thing to be accomplished is to elect a Prohibition President, as long as we have one in favor of license it is useless to expect prohibition by the government.  The Anti-Saloon League tacitly effects the perpetuation of a license government and in that they have been traitors, we warn the people against them.  If anyone is a real prohibitionist they will vote it.  The Prohibition Party is really the only party that is loyal to Republican principles, protecting and saving the home from this onslaught.  There is not a saloon vote in our party, which can be said of no other.  ’Tis the only deliverance from this bloody slaughter.  This “covenant with death, and agreement with Hell and refuge of lies.”  I took on a Republican voter as a man with bloody hands as Benedict Arnold carried in his boot the paper of treachery, so is a licensed vote in the hand of a voter.

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