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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 294 pages of information about The Use and Need of the Life of Carry A. Nation.

In a few days I returned to Pittsburg and was invited by the Providence Mission to go out on the streets.  Quite a crowd gathered and while I was speaking, I was arrested again by an officer who refused to tell me what I was arrested for.  I was taken to the police headquarters.  The kind hearted matron wanted to give me a pillow and some bedding for I had nothing but a hard board in the cell.  The Chief of Police forbade the matron to give me anything to make myself comfortable.  He said:  “That woman is giving us a great deal of trouble and we want to get rid of her.”  The matron came to me when no one was looking and advised me to give a bond of thirteen dollars and get out so that I might have a bed.  I did this and went to my boarding house.  I secured the services of a lawyer, Mr. Buckley.  I was fined ten dollars which was afterwards remitted.  This republican, rum-soaked police force make it a point to arrest me on every pretext.  They have told me that if I win they will lose their jobs.  Eighteen months before this I had been put in jail at Pittsburg, making three times all for doing my duty in that city.



I got hundreds of calls to go on the stage before I did.  Gradually I got the light.

This is the largest missionary field in the world.  No one ever got a call or was ever allowed to go there with a Bible but Carry Nation.  That door never was opened to any one but me.  The hatchet opened it.  God has given it to me.  My managers have said:  “This is a variety house at, Watsons and the Unique, of Brooklyn, or the Boston on the Bowery.  You do not wish to go there.”  Yes, those need me more than the rest; never refuse a call even from the lowest.  If Jesus ate with publicans and sinners I can talk to them.  Francis Willard said the pulpit and stage must be taken for God.

Persons often say:  “Why do you take the money of such?” I say “I can do more good with the money than they can.”  After the battle the victor takes the spoils and is entitled to them.  I will take all I can get in a good way.  Money is a blessing, if used as such.  I go on the stage to do good, I take their money for the same reason.  The curse of it is when it is desired above the good of humanity.  I am fishing.  I go where the fish are for they do not come to me.  I thank God for this unspeakable gift.  I take my Bible before every audience.  I show them this hatchet, that destroys or smashes everything bad and builds up everything that is good.  I tell them of their loving Deliverer who came to break every yoke and set the Captive free.  When I look upon the hundreds of faces before me, I say:  “Oh, these poor aching hearts!  God give me a loving message.”  Words can not tell of the love I would like to bestow upon them.  I often weep.  “Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings.”  Then I say:  “There is one that loves more than you.  He can make all things right.”

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