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and it is a school of vice to a great extent.  The distillers and brewers dominate the republican party and they are the controlling party at Yale and will desolate and enslave our darling boys.  I went to see the president of Yale, Professor Hadley, and I asked him about these things.  He said he thought the intoxicants were “fruit juices”.  I spoke of the smoking.  He said he used to think it was wrong but when he went to Germany he saw they smoked there.  He was taught it was wrong in America but when he saw it in Germany he thought better of the vice and is now teaching it to our boys.  People ought to demand another faculty or refuse to patronize such a school.

While I was at Harvard I saw Professors smoking cigarettes.  Parents should demand that the teachers in these colleges and schools should be free from the practice of the vices of drinking intoxicating liquors and the use of tobacco.  I hope we will have some generous hearted man who will donate to build a college in Kansas with the capacity of Yale.  What a shame to have professors in our schools aping the vices of foreigners.

These same professors are the followers of Huxley and Herbert Spencer, who did far more to make the world ignorant than wise.  Huxley saw in man only the elements of a weed.  Herbert Spencer would have destroyed all family life.  Such men as these degrade thought and see only the animal.  “For after that in the wisdom of man, the world by wisdom knew not.  Yet it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to confound the wise” (as a fool would determine wisdom).

The great controversy between Yale and Harvard now, is, which shall excel in brute force, and foot-ball seems to be the test.  Colleges were founded for the purpose of educating the young, on moral, intellectual, and spiritual lines.  The test of these is oratory, debate, intellectual contests.  It used to be conceded, that the mind made the man, now the forces of the mule and ox are preferred.

Taft, of the noted ‘Taft’ Cigar has position of lecturer, and the inference is, there will be more vile cigars smoked than ever, under such patronage.

Oh, mothers and fathers!  Rise in protest against these outrages, slaughter, bloody anarchy, and treason.



God is a politician; so is the devil.  God’s politics are to protect and defend mankind, bringing to them the highest good and finally heaven.  The devil’s politics are to deceive, degrade and to make miserable, finally ending in hell.  The Bible fully explains this.  The two kinds of seed started out from Abel and Cain, then Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob.  There are but these two kinds of people.  God’s crowd and the Devil’s crowd.  The first law given and

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