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I am a loyal American.  We want true Americans to represent the principles of Americans.  I had my prejudice increased against Mr. Roosevelt when I heard of the “coat of arms” on his flag, in violation of every principle of American citizenship.  We have no “my lords” in this country.  The people rule here and not the president, for he is the servant.  The brewers of America are mostly German and Dutch, and of course the Dutch president is their friend.  Roosevelt is also a member of the Order of Eagles, the strongest liquor organization in the United States.  Oh, shade of American heroes look down and condemn this outrage to your ashes.  I have it from three eye witnesses that Roosevelt smokes and did smoke cigarettes.  His secretary, Mr. Loeb, denied this to Mrs. Dye Ellis, but Mr. Roosevelt dare not deny it.  The minister for Mr. McKinley denied he rented his property for saloon purposes, but the Chicago New Voice proved he did.  I am so true a Daughter of the Revolution that such a president as Theodore Roosevelt is an insult to my sires.  And last March when he came to Topeka, Kansas, he outraged every loyal citizen of the state by bringing into it a dive and all who wished an intoxicating drink could get it by tipping the waiter.  Let his ministers deny this for him also.  He ought to have been arrested as any other dive-keeper.

This President who enjoys the sport of killing innocent animals, this man who costs the people more than any other president, who has so little regard for the people’s treasury that he spent a quarter of a million to look at the American fleet and took the treasured relics of the people and sold them to a junk shop, vandalism!


I have been to all the principal universities of the United States.  At Cambridge, where Harvard is situated, there are no saloons allowed, but in Ann Arbor the places are thick where manhood is drugged and destroyed.  Also Yale, the latter being the worst I have ever seen.  I will insert two letters which I got on March 1st, 1904, and have received several more of the kind from the students: 

“Dear Mrs. Nation:—­As an ardent prohibitionist and an enemy of the liquor traffic, I feel obliged to bring to your notice some of the things that are served to the young men at Yale Dining Hall by the college authorities.” (In this letter were several bills of fare.) “You will see how many of the dishes are served with intoxicating liquors as sauces.  Yale is supposed to be a christian college, but to give boys these poisons by consent of the college authorities is nothing more or less than starting them on the road to hell!  Please give this matter your earnest attention and see if you can not stamp this serpent out.”

“Dear Mrs. Nation:—­Although it pains me deeply, I feel it my duty to inform you that even after your soul-stirring address of warning and reproof, the Devil still grins at Yale Dining Hall.  The enclosed menus tells the story.  The hateful practice of serving intoxicating liquors has not ceased.  Capt.  Smoke holds open wide the gates of hell.  Oh, this is terrible!  Satan loves to shoot at brightest marks.

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