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For years the writer has been a traveling salesman, occupying positions of trust and responsibility.  As is the universal trait among the larger element of my class, I contracted the indulgence of liquor.  From its inception and social intercourse, it gradually developed until I became an irresistible slave to those base affinities—­lewd women and whiskey.  The result, inevitable as death, produced its dregs; shattered health, separation of family, and social and business ostracism.  Prior to a month ago, reparation and redemption from medical arid spiritual aid, had proven valueless; with no alternative, I became resigned to the results of a mis-spent life, when, from the West came the voice and heroic deeds of a woman.  Simple yet fervent, intrepid yet unique.  You aroused the press and the people.  Your mission was born.  Thousands, you may have “influenced,” but me you have “redeemed.”  I have read your words with intenseness.  Your forcible acts have impressed me.  I resolved and have conquered.  God bless you!  I am now organizing a temperance league among my brother traveling men, paradoxical as it may sound, and am meeting with a fair support, yet I believe an impetus and a stronger influential lever can be extended through the expression of your well wishes and any timely topics you care to extend in furtherance of the cause.  Asking your kind indulgence, and with best wishes for your ultimate welfare, believe me.  Your loyal supporter, W. S. Sanford..  Care Terre Haute House, Terre Haute, Ind.


Patterson, New Jersey, Sept., 2nd, 1901—­Dear Mrs. Nation:—­Will you come to this city before going home?  The conditions here are worse than in any place in the whole country.  One thousand saloons run day and night, every day in the year.  Come for God’s sake.  You can do so much good, and if you smashed fifty or sixty of the hell holes here you would be called an angel.  Do Come! and save the young of both sexes.  Yours, A heart-broken mother.



The life of a soul moved on by the Holy Spirit is beyond human expression, as well as human understanding.  “He that is spiritual judgeth (examines) all things.  Yet he himself is judged or examined of no man.”  The spiritual man can see the condition of the unregenerate for he was once in darkness, but the unregenerate can never understand the condition of the regenerate.  The impulses that move one born of God is one of the puzzles not possible to be known by the wisdom of the wise of this world.  ’Tis a secret, ’tis hidden, and can come only by Divine Revelation and is always a miracle, the greatest ever performed.  It raises from the dead, never to die again.  It opens the eyes never to be closed again, ’tis an armor that causes us to handle serpents (devils) without harm and we

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