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    —­Psalm 39. 4.

Lord, forbid that I should overcast my life with intentions, and neglect to put in the deeds.  May I not be satisfied to spend my days in being merely occupied, but live to learn and work.  May I not be dismayed over what I might have been, but with all my might do what I can now.  Amen.


Thomas a Kempis died 1471.

Simon Bolivar born 1783.

Arthur James Balfour born 1848.

    Blessed indeed are those ears which listen not after the voice which
    is sounding without, but after the truth teaching within.

    —­Thomas a Kempis.

    How joyed my heart in the rich melodies
    That overhead and round me did arise! 
    The moving leaves—­the water’s gentle flow—­
    Delicious music hung on every bough. 
    Then said I in my heart, “If that the Lord
    Such lively music on the earth accord;
    If to weak, sinful man such sounds are given,
    O! what must be the melody of heaven!”

    —­Izaak Walton.

    But thou, O Jehovah, knowest me; thou seest me, and triest my heart
    toward thee.

    —­Jeremiah 12. 3.

Loving Father, thou hast made it needful for me to know that the songs which are sung by divine love are rarely heard by cruel hearts.  Grant that my soul may chord with the sweetest music that vibrates in the beauty and harmony of life.  Amen.


Charles Emmanuel died 1630.

John Wilmot died 1680.

George Clinton born 1739.

    Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune
    or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a

    —­Robert L. Stevenson.

    I have learned, as days have passed me,
      Fretting never lifts the load;
    And worry, much or little,
      Never smooths an irksome road;
    For do you know that somehow, always,
      Doors are opened, ways are made;
    When we work and live in patience
      Under all the cross that’s laid.


    But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell securely, And shall be
    quiet without fear of evil.

    —­Proverbs 1. 33.

Merciful and just God, I pray that I may regulate my life by thy standards and conform my life to thy laws, that thy goodness and mercy may not be wasted on me.  Help me to bear in mind, that willingness is the power that starts the hands to work.  May I have thy presence while I wait in quietness, that I may be helped through the anxious moments.  Amen.


Thomas Campbell born 1777.

Alexandre Dumas-fils born 1824.

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