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    He that of such a height hath built his mind,
    And reared the dwelling of his thoughts so strong,
    As neither fear nor hope can shake the frame
    Of his resolved powers; nor all the wind
    Of vanity or malice pierce to wrong
    His settled peace, or to disturb the same: 
    What a fair seat hath he, from whence he may
    The boundless wastes and wilds of man survey?

    —­Samuel Daniel.

    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee;
    because he trusteth in thee.

    —­Isaiah 26. 3.

O Lord, it is not that I am ashamed to ask thee for the truth that I do not more diligently seek it, but it is because I fear the sacrifice that may follow in obtaining it.  I would that I could understand that thy strength is given in the sacrifice.  Make me braver as I seek to live in the truth.  Amen.


Richard Gibson died 1690.

Charlotte Cushman born 1816.

Coventry Patmore born 1823.

    I do not ask, O Lord, that life may be
      A pleasant road;
    I do not ask that thou would’st take from me
      Aught of its load.

    For one thing only, Lord, dear Lord, I plead: 
      Lead me aright—­
    Though strength should falter, and though heart should bleed—­
      Through peace to light.

    —­Adelaide A. Procter.

    O, why and whither?—­God knows all,
      I only know that he is good,
    And that whatever may befall
      Or here or there, must be the best that could.

    —­John G. Whittier.

    Lead me, O Jehovah, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies;
    Make thy way straight before my face.

    —­Psalm 5. 8.

Loving Father, may I never fail to ask for thy guidance, for thou hast promised to lead me to the cool springs while I pass through the desert places.  Help me to put myself in thy keeping and say, “Thy will be done.”  Amen.


Rev. John Newton born 1725.

John P. Curran born 1750.

J.G.  Holland born 1819.

    As the winged arrow flies
      Speedily the mark to find;
    As the lightning from the skies
      Darts and leaves no trace behind;
    Swiftly thus our fleeting days
      Bear us down life’s rapid stream;
    Upward, Lord, our spirits raise;
      All below is but a dream.

    —­John Newton.

    O gentlemen! the time is short;
    To spend that shortness basely were too long,
    If life did ride upon a dial’s point,
    Still ending at the arrival of an hour.

    —­William Shakespeare.

    Jehovah, make me to know mine end,
    And the measure of my days, what it is;
    Let me know how frail I am.

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