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Anne Radcliffe died 1823.

Sidney Cooper died 1902.

    Let no man turn aside ever so slightly, from the broad path of
    honor, on the plausible pretense that he is justified by the
    goodness of his end.  All good ends can be worked out by good means.

    —­Charles Dickens.

    If evils come not, then our fears are vain;
    And if they do, fear but augments the pain.

    —­Sir Thomas More.

    A human heart knows aught of littleness,
      Suspects no man, compares with no one’s ways,
      Hath in one hour most glorious length of days,
    A recompense, a joy, a loveliness;

    Like eaglet keen, shoots into azure far,
    And always dwelling nigh is the remotest star.

    —­William Ellery Channing.

    Teach me thy way, O Jehovah;
    I will walk in thy truth: 
    Unite my heart to fear thy name.

    —­Psalm 86. 11.

Gracious Father, I pray that thou wilt control my impulses, and protect me from false interpretations.  May I have wisdom, and search for the high and holy ways.  Help me to be patient for thy purposes, and may my relations to life be triumphant in thy standards.  Amen.


Samuel Butler born 1612.

John Ruskin born 1819.

General Sherman born 1820.

Jules Verne born 1828.

Richard Watson Gilder born 1844.

If you want knowledge, you must toil for it; and if pleasure, you must toil for it.  Toil is the law.  Pleasure comes through toil, and not by self-indulgence and indolence.  When one gets to love work his life is a happy one.

    —­John Ruskin.

    Whatever sceptic could inquire for,
    For every why he had a wherefore.

    —­Samuel Butler.

    Through love to light!  O wonderful the way,
    That leads from darkness to the perfect day! 
    From darkness and from sorrow of the night
      To morning that comes singing o’er the sea. 
      Through love to light! through light O God to Thee! 
    Who art the love, the eternal light of light!

    —­Richard Watson Gilder.

    We must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day:  the
    night cometh, when no man can work.

    —­John 9. 4.

My Father, I pray that I may not weight my life with worthless efforts.  May I be guided to the right work, and through the love of it find strength for my soul.  Amen.


C.F.  Volney born 1757.

William Henry Harrison, Virginia, ninth President United States, born 1773.

Anthony Hope (Hawkins) born 1863.

George Ade born 1866.

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