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Thomas Peckett Prest
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“I believe that is a common delusion of intemperate persons,” said Charles.

“Is it, sir; well, it’s a very awkward I thing, because you know, sir, as well as most people, that I’m not the fellow to take a drop too much.”

“I cannot say, Jack, that I know so much, for I have certainly heard my uncle accuse you of intoxication.”

“Lor’, sir, that was all just on account of his trying it hisself; he was a thinking on it then, and wanted to see how I’d take it.”

“But tell me of Flora; are you quite certain that she has had no more alarms from Varney?”

“What, that ere vampyre fellow? not a bit of it, your honour.  Lor’ bless you, he must have found out by some means or another that I was on the look out, and that did the business.  He’ll never come near Miss Flora again, I’ll be bound, though to be sure we moved away from the Hall on account of him; but not that I saw the good of cruising out of one’s own latitude, but somehow or another you see the doctor and the admiral got it into their heads to establish a sort of blockade, and the idea of the thing was to sail away in the night quite quiet, and after that take up a position that would come across the enemy on the larboard tack, if so be as he made his appearance.”

“Oh, you allude to watching the Hall, I presume?”

“Ay, ay, sir, just so; but would you believe it, Master Charlie, the admiral and the doctor got so blessed drunk that I could do nothing with ’em.”


“Yes, they did indeed, and made all kinds of queer mistakes, so that the end of all that was, that the vampyre did come; but he got away again.”

“He did come then; Sir Francis Varney came again after the house was presumed to be deserted?”

“He did, sir.”

“That is very strange; what on earth could have been his object?  This affair is most inexplicably mysterious.  I hope the distance, Jack, is not far that you’re taking me, for I’m incapable of enduring much fatigue.”

“Not a great way, your honour; keep two points to the westward, and sail straight on; we’ll soon come to port.  My eye, won’t there be a squall when you get in.  I expect as Miss Flora will drop down as dead as a herring, for she doesn’t think you’re above the hatches.”

“A good thought, Jack; my sudden appearance may produce alarm.  When we reach the place of abode of the Bannerworths, you shall precede me, and prepare them in some measure for my reception.”

“Very good, sir; do you see that there little white cottage a-head, there in the offing?”

“Yes, yes; is that the place?”

“Yes, your honour, that’s the port to which we are bound.”

“Well, then, Jack, you hasten a-head, and see Miss Flora, and be sure you prepare her gently and by degrees, you know, Jack, for my appearance, so that she shall not be alarmed.”

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