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Some deacon tells a sinner all about the orthodox hell, and the sinner does not know whether to believe him or not.  The deacon may have lied to the sinner some time in a horse trade, or in selling him goods, and beat him, and how does he know but the same deacon is playing a brace game on him on the hereafter, or playing him for a sardine.

Now, if the people who advance these ideas of heaven or hell, had a license to point to the moon, the nice, cool moon, as heaven, which would be plausible, to say the least, and say that it was heaven, and prove it, and could prove that the sun was the other place, which looks reasonable, according to all we have heard about ’tother place, the moon would be so full there would not be standing room, and they would have to turn Republicans away, while the sun would be playing to empty benches, and there would only be a few editors there who got in on passes.

Of course, during a cold winter, when the thermometer was forty or fifty degrees below zero, and everybody was blocked in, and coal was up to seventeen dollars a ton, the cause of religion would not prosper as much as it would in summer, because when you talked to a sinner about leading a different life or he would go to the sun, he would look at his coal pile and say that he didn’t care a continental how soon he got there, but these discouragements would not be any greater than some that the truly good people have to contend with now, and the average the year round would be largely in favor of going to the moon.

The moon is very popular now, even, and if it is properly advertised as a celestial paradise, where only good people could get their work in, and where the wicked could not enter on any terms, there would be a great desire to take the straight and narrow way to the moon, and the path to the wicked sun would be grown over with sand burs, and scorched with lava, and few would care to take passage by that route.  Anyway, this thing is worth looking into.


The Sun is no alarmist, but it can see in recent events what it believes to be a preparation for war.  All of the manufactories of fire arms and cartridges are working night and day, and the Oneida community have just received an order to immediately can 24,000 cans of baked beans.  When the war will break out we do not know, but all this fixed amunition is not being fixed for no 4th of July.  It is trouble.


A Milwaukee paper copies what THE SUN said about killing hogs while under the influence of chloroform, at Keine & Wilson’s packing house, and intimates that it is all a lie.  Have we lived to this age to have our word doubted by a Milwaukee editor?  This is too much.  Why, bless the dear man, the half has not been told.  The firm we speak of is desirous of building up a trade for gilt edged pork

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