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The grocery man said if he was that boy’s pa for fifteen minutes he would be a different boy or there would be a funeral, and the boy took a handful of soft-shelled almonds and a few layer raisins and skipped out.


Among the recent inventions is a pillow holder.  It is explained that the pillow holder is for the purpose of holding a pillow while the case is being put on.  We trust this new invention will not come into general use, as there is no sight more beautiful to the eyes of man than to see a woman hold a pillow in her teeth while she gently manipulates the pillow case over it.

[Illustration:  BOSSING THE PILLOW.]

We do not say that a woman is beautiful with her mouth full of pillows.  No one can ever accuse us of saying that, but there is something home-like and old-fashioned about it that cannot be replaced by any invention.

We know that certain over fastidious women have long clamored for some new method of putting on a pillow case, but these people have either lost their teeth, or the new ones do not grasp the situation.  They have tried several new methods, such as blowing the pillow case up, and trying to get it in before the wind got out, and they have tried to get the pillow in by rolling up the pillow case until the bottom is reached, and then placing the pillow on end and gently unrolling the pillow case, but all these schemes have their drawbacks.

The old style of chewing one end of the pillow, and holding it the way a retriever dog holds a duck, till the pillow case is on, and then spanking the pillow a couple of times on each side, is the best, and it gives the woman’s jaws about the only rest they get during the day.

If any invention drives this old custom away from us, and we no more see the matrons of our land with their hair full of feathers and their mouths full of striped bed-ticking, we shall feel that one of the dearest of our institutions has been ruthlessly torn from us, and the fabric of our national supremacy has received a sad blow, and that our liberties are in danger.


They are making everything out of rubber now.  A man has invented a hunting dog that can be carried in the pocket.  When you get in the field, all you have to do is to blow the dog up, and start it to going.  This will be a great saving, as hunters will not have to pay baggage men a dollar for tying their dogs to a trunk, when they go off hunting.


Chicago is to have a hotel built exclusively for men.  Under no circumstances will a woman be admitted into it.  There are so many men who go to Chicago, who are liable to wink at women at the table of the hotel, before they know their own heart, to lead a different life, that this new hotel, without temptation, has been decided upon.  There will only be a few old bald headed roosters and persons with red noses and sore eyes stopping at the new hotel.  A hotel without women would be almost as cheerful as a reform school.

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