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The residence of John Turner, of the Mauston Star, was entered by burglars a few nights since, and his clothes were stolen, containing all his money and his railroad pass.  We can imagine an editor around bare as to legs, etcetery, and out of money, but to be without a railroad pass must indeed be a sad state of affairs.  When burglars burgle an editor it is a sign that confidence is restored under Hayes’ administration.  We trust that editors throughout the State who are blessed with this world’s goods to the extent of more than one pair of pants, will send one pair at least to John Turner, Mauston, Wis., by express.  We are probably as poor as any editor, but we have sent him those alligator pants that have created such a sensation in years gone by.  It is true they are a little bit fringy about the bottoms, and the knees are worn through, and concealment, like a worm in the bud, has gnawed the foundation all out of them, but in a little town like Mauston, such things will not be noticed.  John, take them, in welcome, and when the cold winds—­but you better carry bricks in your coat tail pockets.  That is the way we wore them the last three or four years.



“I understand your Pa has got to drinking again like a fish,” says the grocery man to the bad boy, as the youth came in the grocery and took a handful of dried apples.  The boy ate a dried apple and then made up a terrible face, and the grocery man asked him what he was trying to do with his face.  The boy caught his breath and then said: 

“Say, don’t you know any better than to keep dried apples where a boy can get hold of them when he has got the mumps?  You will kill some boy yet by such dum carelessness.  I thought these were sweet dried apples, but they are sour as a boarding house keeper, and they make me tired.  Didn’t you ever have the mumps?  Gosh, but don’t it hurt though?  You have got to be darn careful when you have the mumps, and not go out bob-sledding, or skating, or you will have your neck swell up biggern a milk pail.  Pa says he had the mumps once when he was a boy and it broke him all up.”

“Well, never mind the mumps, how about your Pa spreeing it.  Try one of those pickles in the jar there, won’t you.  I always like to have a boy enjoy himself when he comes to see me,” said the grocery man, winking to a man who was filling an old fashioned tin box with tobacco out of the pail, who winked back as much as to say, “if that boy eats a pickle on top of them mumps we will have a circus, sure.”

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