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Jack puts the spectacles on his nose, and begins to go about the room looking at everything through them.

Oh, Polly, he exclaims, I can see all sorts of queer things.  I can see what is in the table drawer without opening it, and I can see the pictures in the books right through the covers.  And oh, Polly, look here. He is looking into the fire-place, when he says this.  I can see now how the little green man went up the chimney, for there are steps in the side, all the way up.  Look at them.

POLLY looks.  Then she says, I don’t see any steps, Jack.

It’s the fairy spectacles, Polly, cries JACK.  Isn’t it wonderful?

Jack! says POLLY suddenly, do you know what we must do?  We must go to Santa Claus, and carry him the medicine that cured Nurse Mary’s back and joints.  You will go first up the chimney, and I will go after, stepping just where I see you step, and then at the top I will take tight hold of your hand, and with my wishing cap on I will wish to be at Santa Claus’ house at the North Pole.

Splendid!  Let’s start this minute, cries JACK.

Polly takes the spoon, and Jack takes the medicine bottle, and one after the other they go up the chimney.

A moment later MOTHER comes in. Children, she begins, looking about; but then she continues, Oh, I see:  they have gone to bed. She goes across to the other door and listens.  Then she says:  Not a sound!  They are fast asleep already.

So she takes the lamp from the table, and carries it out with her, leaving the room all in black darkness.

And that is the end of the First Scene.

* * * * *


While the curtain is closed, MOTHER GOOSE comes out, and this is what she says:

Children, did you see Jack and Polly go up that chimney?  Well, as soon as they got to the top, Polly took fast hold of Jack’s hand and wished to be at the North Pole, and away they went flying through the air.  They have gotten there already, I think.  Hark!  Yes, they are just going in at the gate that leads up to Santa Claus’s house, and soon they will be knocking at his door.  Then you will see them come in, for you will be there before they are; and when the curtain opens, as it will in just a moment, you will see the inside of the house where Santa Claus lives.  You must be very quiet for Santa Claus is sick, remember, and a noise might make his head ache.  Hush!  It is going to begin.

* * * * *

The Second Scene

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