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So Polly opens the doors, and at a signal from Santa Claus the doll and the soldier walk in; but they move in a funny stiff way, because they haven’t any joints at their knees or elbows.

Then SANTA CLAUS shuts the doors.  Jack, say he, you may turn the crank, if you want. So Jack turns the crank.

After a little SANTA CLAUS says:  Stop! Then he opens the door and out walk, in the same funny stiff way, the doll and the soldier, only now they are about half as big as they were before.  They walk down to the front. SANTA CLAUS looks at them, shakes his head, and says, No, you must be much smaller than that.  Go back into the machine.

So back the doll and soldier go; and Jack again turns the crank and this time, when SANTA CLAUS cries, Stop, and the doors are opened, the toys have grown very small indeed, as you can see, when Santa Claus holds them up.  He puts the soldier into a box, and then puts the box and the doll into his bag.

And now Mrs. Santa Claus comes in with the cap and gloves; and Santa Claus puts them on.  At the same time sleighbells are heard outside, and a stamping of hoofs.

We’re off! cries SANTA CLAUS, taking up his pack. Come, Polly!  Come, Jack!  I’ll stow you away as warm as toast down under the buffalo robe.

Good-bye, cries MRS. SANTA CLAUS as they go out at the door.

Good-bye, good-bye, they ALL call back.

Then there is more stamping of hoofs outside, and a great jingling of sleighbells, which grow fainter and fainter, as they drive away.

And that is the end of the Second Scene.

* * * * *


Again while the curtain is closed MOTHER GOOSE comes out, and this is what she says:

My dears, we must hurry back to the house where Jack and Polly live, for Santa Claus’s sleigh is going so fast through the sky, that it will be there before us, unless we are quick about it.  It is still dark night there, and nothing has happened since we were there before, except that Dr. John has come home from seeing sick old Mrs. Cavendish, and he has let himself in with his key, and has felt his way in the dark to his own door, and has gone to bed.  He and Mother are both fast asleep, and they haven’t an idea but that Jack and Polly are fast asleep in their beds too.  But you and I know that they are in the reindeer sleigh with Santa Claus.  And all the time they are coming nearer and nearer.  Listen for the sleighbells, for now it is going to begin.

* * * * *

The Third Scene

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