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New Titles warrant not a Play for new, The Subject being old; and ’tis as true, Fresh and neat matter may with ease be fram’d Out of their Stories, that have oft been nam’d With glory on the Stage; what borrows he From him that wrote old Priam’s Tragedy, That writes his love to Hecuba? Sure to tell Of Caesars amorous heats, and how he fell In the Capitol, can never be the same To the Judicious; Nor will such blame Those who pen’d this, for Barrenness when they find Young Cleopatra here, and her great Mind Expressed to the height, with us a Maid, and free, And how he rated her Virginitie. We treat not of what boldness she did dye, Nor of her fatal Love to Antony. What we present and offer to your view, Upon their faiths the Stage yet never knew.
  Let Reason then first to your Wills give laws,
And after judge of them and of their cause.


I Now should wish another had my place, But that I hope to come off, and with Grace; And but express some sign that you are pleas’d, We of our doubts, they of their fears are eas’d. I would beg further (Gentlemen) and much say In favour of our selves, them, and the Play; Did I not rest assured, the most I see Hate Impudence, and cherish Modestie.

* * * * *


p. 300, ll. 5-39.  Not in 1st folio.

p. 301, l. 3. 2nd folio] Achil.  Love the K. l. 30. frequent in this. l. 31. to safe.

p. 302, l. 13. and give.

p. 303, l. 10. 2nd folio here and frequently prints] Septinius.

p. 304, ll. 3 and 4. o’ these ... foole us; l. 7. 2nd folio misprints] Aeh.

p. 305. l. 7.  Till they. l. 24. 2nd folio misprints] and.

p. 309, l. 30. A missing bracket has been added before Photinus.

p. 310, l. 4.  Prerogatives. l. 31. 2nd folio misprints] Potolmy. l. 40. hand of.

p. 313, l. 29. a Prisoner.

p. 316, l. 2. of thy. l. 11. Omits in. l. 14. sought him.

p. 318, l. 16. A comma has been added at the end of the line.

p. 320, l. 20. tell you. l. 24. Adds the following line] I gave you no comission to performe it:  l. 31. with ye. l. 32.  Hangers.

p. 321, l. 23. told ye. l. 30. ye are.

p. 322, l. 33. my anger.

p. 323, l. 2. 2nd folio] Lordships.

p. 324, l. 32. Adds the following line] The rule of ill, I’le trust before the dore.

p. 325, l. 1.  I sat. l. 17.  Affrinius. l. 23. past now. l. 29. comes still.

p. 326, l. 9. Omits rich. l. 32. Omits that.

p. 327, l. 3.  Pray.

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