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Ant. If you fall, Fall not alone:  let the King and his Sister Be buried in your ruines:  on my life They both are guilty:  reason may assure you Photinus nor Achillas durst attempt you, Or shake one Dart, or sword, aim’d at your safety, Without their warrant.
Caesar.  For the young King I know not How he may be misled; but for his Sister (Unequall’d Cleopatra) ’twere a kind Of blasphemy to doubt her:  ugly treason Durst never dwell in such a glorious building, Nor can so clear and great a spirit, as hers is, Admit of falsehood.

  Ant. Let us seize on him then: 
  And leave her to her fortune.

Dol. If he have power Use it to your security, and let His honesty acquit him:  if he be false It is too great an honour he should dye By your victorious hand.

  Caesar.  He comes:  and I
  Shall do as I find cause.

    Enter Ptolomy, Achoreus, Apollodorus.

Ptol. Let not great Caesar Impute the breach of hospitality, To you (my guest) to me; I am contemn’d, And my rebellious subjects lift their hands Against my head:  and would they aim’d no farther, Provided that I fell a sacrifice To gain you safety:  that this is not feign’d, The boldness of my innocence may confirm you:  Had I been privy to their bloody plot, I now had led them on, and given fair gloss To their bad cause, by being present with them:  But I that yet taste of the punishment, In being false to Pompey, will not make A second fault to Caesar uncompel’d With such as have not yet shook off obedience, I yield my self to you, and will take part In all your dangers.

  Caesar.  This pleads your excuse,
  And I receive it.

Ach. If they have any touch Of justice, or religion, I will use The authority of our Gods, to call them back From their bad purpose.

  Apo. This part of the palace
  Is yet defensible:  we may make it good,
  Till your powers rescue us.

Caesar. Caesar besieg’d?  O stain to my great actions:  ’twas my custom, An Army routed, as my feet had wings To be first in the chase:  nor walls, nor Bulworks Could guard those that escap’d the Battels fury From this strong Arm; and I to be enclos’d?  My heart! my heart! but ’tis necessity, To which the Gods must yield, and I obey, ’Till I redeem it by some glorious way. [Exeunt.


    Enter Photinus, Achillas, Septimius, Souldiers.

Pho. There’s no retiring now, we are broke in:  The deed past hope of pardon:  if we prosper ’Twill be stil’d lawful!, and we shall give laws To those that now command us:  stop not at Or loyalty, or duty:  bold ambition, To dare and power to do, gave the first difference Between the King, and subject, Caesars Motto, Aut Caesar aut Nihil, each of us must claim, And use it as our own.

  Achil. The deed is bloody
  If we conclude in Ptolomies death.

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