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Sep. Contemn’d of all? and kickt too? now I find it; My valour’s fled too, with mine honesty, For since I would be knave I must be Coward:  This ’tis to be a Traitor, and betrayer.  What a deformity dwells round about me!  How monstrous shews that man, that is ungratefull!  I am afraid the very beasts will tear me, Inspir’d with what I have done:  the winds will blast me:  Now I am paid, and my reward dwells in me, The wages of my fact, my soul’s opprest; Honest and noble minds, you find most rest. [Exit.


    Enter Ptolomy, Achoreus, Photinus, Achillas.

Ptol. I have commanded, and it shall be so, A preparation I have set o’ foot, Worthy the friendship and the fame of Caesar, My Sisters favours shall seem poor and wither’d:  Nay she her self, (trim’d up in all her beautys) Compar’d to what I’le take his eyes withall, Shall be a dream.

  Pho. Do you mean to shew the glory,
  And wealth of Egypt?

  Ptol. Yes:  and in that lustre,
  Rome shall appear in all her famous Conquests,
  And all her riches of no note unto it.

Ach. Now you are reconcil’d to your fair Sister, Take heed Sir, how you step into a danger:  A danger of this precipice:  but note Sir, For what Rome ever rais’d her mighty armies; First for ambition, then for wealth:  ’tis madness, Nay more, a secure impotence, to tempt An armed Guest:  feed not an eye, that conquers, Nor teach a fortunate sword the way to be covetous.
Ptol. Ye judge amiss, and far too wide to alter me, Yet all be ready, as I gave direction:  The secret way of all our wealth appearing Newly, and handsomely:  and all about it:  No more disswading:  ’tis my will.

  Ach. I grieve for’t.

  Ptol. I will dazel Caesar, with excess of glory.

  Pho. I fear you’l curse your will, we must obey ye. [Exit.


    Enter Caesar, Antony, Dolabella, Sceva, above.

  Caesar.  I wonder at the glory of this Kingdom,
  And the most bounteous preparation,
  Still as I pass, they court me with.

Sceva.  I’le tell ye:  In Gaul, and Germany, we saw such visions, And stood not to admire ’em, but possess ’em:  When they are ours, they are worth our admiration.

    Enter Cleopatra.

  Ant. The young Queen comes:  give room.

  Caesar.  Welcom (my dearest)
  Come bless my side.

  Sceva.  I marry:  here’s a wonder,
  As she appears now, I am no true Souldier,
  If I be not readie to recant.

  Cleo. Be merry Sir,
  My Brother will be proud to do you honour
  That now appears himself.

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