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(To whose charge, by the will of the dead King This government was deliver’d) or great Pompey, (That is appointed Cleopatra’s Guardian As well as Ptolomies) will e’re approve Of this rash counsel, their consent not sought for, That should authorize it?
Achil. The Civil war In which the Roman Empire is embarqu’d On a rough Sea of danger, does exact Their whole care to preserve themselves, and gives them No vacant time to think of what we do, Which hardly can concern them.
Ach. What’s your opinion Of the success?  I have heard, in multitudes Of Souldiers, and all glorious pomp of war, Pompey is much superiour.
Achil. I could give you A Catalogue of all the several Nations From whence he drew his powers:  but that were tedious.  They have rich arms, are ten to one in number, Which makes them think the day already won; And Pompey being master of the Sea, Such plenty of all delicates are brought in, As if the place on which they are entrench’d, Were not a Camp of Souldiers, but Rome, In which Lucullus and Apicius joyn’d, To make a publique Feast:  they at Dirachium Fought with success; but knew not to make use of Fortunes fair offer:  so much I have heard Caesar himself confess.

  Ach. Where are they now?

Achil. In Thessalie, near the Pharsalian plains Where Caesar with a handfull of his Men Hems in the greater number:  his whole troops Exceed not twenty thousand, but old Souldiers Flesh’d in the spoils of Germany and France, Inur’d to his Command, and only know To fight and overcome; And though that Famine Raigns in his Camp, compelling them to tast Bread made of roots, forbid the use of man, (Which they with scorn threw into Pompeys Camp As in derision of his Delicates) Or corn not yet half ripe, and that a Banquet:  They still besiege him, being ambitious only To come to blows, and let their swords determine Who hath the better Cause.

    Enter Septi[m]ius.

  Ach. May Victory
  Attend on’t, where it is.

  Achil. We every hour
  Expect to hear the issue.

Sep. Save my good Lords; By Isis and Osiris, whom you worship; And the four hundred gods and goddesses Ador’d in Rome, I am your honours servant.

  Ach. Truth needs, Septimius, no oaths.

  Achil. You are cruel,
  If you deny him swearing, you take from him
  Three full parts of his language.

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