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Third reader. 37 17.  The moment the gentleman left, Mr. Rose went in search of his son.  He went to the river, and walked up and down, in hope of seeing the boat. 18.  Not seeing it, he grew uneasy.  He thought Charles must have gone a long way off.  Unwilling to leave without learning something of him, he went to the hut. 19.  He put his head in at the window, which was open.  There a pleasant sight met his eyes. 20.  Charles was at the table, ruling a copybook Joe was reading to him, while his mother was spinning in the corner. 21.  Charles was a little confused.  He feared his father might not be pleased; but he had no need to be uneasy, for his father was delighted. 22.  The next day, his father took him to town, and gave him books for himself and Joe, with writing paper, pens, and ink. 23.  Charles was the happiest boy in the world when he came home.  He ran to Joe, his hands filled with parcels, and his heart beating with joy.

        38 Eclectic series.

Lesson XI.


1.  Clink, clink, clinkerty clink! 
We begin to hammer at morning’s blink,
And hammer away
Till the busy day,
Like us, aweary, to rest shall sink.

2.  Clink, clink, clinkerty clink! 
From labor and care we never will shrink;
But our fires we’ll blow
Till our forges glow
With light intense, while our eyelids wink.

Third reader. 39

3.  Clink, clink, clinkerty clink;
The chain we’ll forge with many a link. 
We’ll work each form
While the iron is warm,
With strokes as fast as we can think.

4.  Clink, clink, clinkerty clink! 
Our faces may be as black as ink,
But our hearts are true
As man ever knew,
And kindly of all we shall ever think.

Lesson XII.


1.  Frank was one day walking with his mother, when they came to a pretty garden.  Frank looked in, and saw that it had clean gravel walks, and beds of beautiful flowers all in bloom. 2.  He called to his mother, and said, “Mother, come and look at this pretty garden.  I wish I might open the gate, and walk in.”

40 Eclectic series. 3.  The gardener, being near, heard what Frank said, and kindly invited him and his mother to come into the garden. 4.  Frank’s mother thanked the man.  Turning to her son, she said, “Frank, if I take you to walk in this garden, you must take care not to meddle with anything in it.”

5.  Frank walked along the neat gravel paths, and looked at everything, but touched nothing that he saw. 6.  He did not tread on any of the borders, and was careful that his clothes should not brush the tops of the flowers, lest he might break them.

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