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they would refresh her, yet still looking at them with a longing eye. 9.  “I will eat half, and take the other half to her,” said he at last; and he divided them into two heaps.  But each heap looked so small, that he put them together again. 10.  “I will only taste one,” thought he; but, as he again lifted it to his mouth, he saw that he had taken the finest, and he put it back.  “I will keep them all for her,”

Third reader. 89 said he, and he covered them up nicely, till he should go home. 11.  When the sun was beginning to sink, George set out for home.  How happy he felt, then, that he had all his strawberries for his sick mother.  The nearer he came to his home, the less he wished to taste them. 12.  Just as he had thrown down his wood, he heard his mother’s faint voice calling him from the next room.  “Is that you, George?  I am glad you have come, for I am thirsty, and am longing for some tea.” 13.  George ran in to her, and joyfully offered his wild strawberries.  “And you saved them for your sick mother, did you?” said she, laying her hand fondly on his head, while the tears stood in her eyes.  “God will bless you for all this, my child.” 14.  Could the eating of the strawberries have given George half the happiness he felt at this moment?

        90 Eclectic series.

Lesson XXXV.


1.  Our Father in heaven,
We hallow thy name;
May thy kingdom holy
On earth be the same;
Oh, give to us daily
Our portion of bread;
It is from thy bounty,
That all must be fed.

2.  Forgive our transgressions. 
And teach us to know
The humble compassion
That pardons each foe;
Keep us from temptation,
From weakness and sin,
And thine be the glory
Forever!  Amen!

Third reader. 91
An evening prayer.

92 Eclectic series.


Finding the owner. 1.  “It’s mine,” said Fred, showing a white handled pocketknife, with every blade perfect and shining.  “Just what I’ve always

Third reader. 93 wanted.”  And he turned the prize over and over with evident satisfaction. 2.  “I guess I know who owns it,” said Tom, looking at it with a critical eye.

3.  “I guess you do n’t,” was the quick response.  “It is n’t Mr. Raymond’s,” said Fred, shooting wide of the mark. 4.  “I know that; Mr. Raymond’s is twice as large,” observed Tom, going on with his drawing lesson. 5.  Do you suppose Fred took any comfort in that knife?  Not a bit of comfort did he take.  He was conscious all the time of having something in his possession that did

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