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Taketh hede therfore and herkyn what I say,
   And yeueth therto hooly your_e_ adu_er_tence,
Lette not your_e_ eye be here and your_e_ hert away, 17
   But yeueth herto your_e_ besy diligence,
   And ley aparte alle wantawne insolence,
      Lernyth to be vertues and well thewid;
      Who wolle not lere, nedely must be lewid. 21


Afore all thyng, fyrst and principally,
   In the morowe when ye[1] shall vppe ryse,
[Sidenote 1:  MS. he.]
To wyrship god haue in your_e_ memorie; 24
   Wyth cristis crosse loke ye blesse you thriese,
   Youre pater-nosteir seyth in devoute wyse,
     Aue maria wyth the holy crede,
     Than alle the after the bettir may ye spede. 28


And while ye be Abouten honestely
  To dresse your_e_-self and don on your_e_ aray,
Wyth your_e_ felawe well and tretably 31
  Oure lady matens Avyseth that you say,
  And this obseruaunce vseth eu_e_ry day,
    Wyth prime and owris, and wythouten drede
    The blyssed lady woll graunte you your_e_ mede. 35

[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) Take hede therfor, & harken what I saye,
    & geve therto yowr_e_ good advertence, 16
  lette not yo_u_r ere be here, & yo_u_r herte awaye,
    But pute you therto besy delygence,
    Laying a-p_ar_te all[e] wanton Insolence,
      lernyd to be v_er_tuvs & well[e] thewed; 20
      who will[e] not lerne, nedely he must be lewed.

P) Afore all[e] thyng, & pryncypally
   In the mornyng wha_n_ ye vp ryse,
  To worship god haue in memory; 24
   w_i_t_h_ cryst_is_ crosse loke ye blesse ye thryse,
   yo_u_r pater_e_ nost_er_ say i_n_ devoute wyse,
     Aue maria / w_i_t_h_ the holy crede;
     The_n_ all[e] the day the bett_er_ shall ye spede. 28

P) And while ye dresse yo_u_r selfe, honestly
    To dresse yo_u_r selfe & do on yo_u_r araye,
  w_i_t_h_ yo_u_r felowe well[e] & tretably
    Owr_e_ lady matens loke that you say; 32
    And this obs_er_vance vse ye eu_er_y day,
      w_i_t_h_ pryme & owers w_i_t_h_-owt drede.
     the blessyd lady will quyte you yo_u_r mede.



Take hede therfore / and herkne what I saye
[Sidenote:  Attend therefore to what I say.]
And_e_ gyue therto / your good_e_ aduertence
Lete not your ere be here & your herte awaye 17
But put ye therto / besy diligence
Leyng_e_ aparte al wantown Insolence
Lerneth to be vertuous / and wel thewed_e_
[Sidenote:  Learn good manners.]
Who wil not lerne / nedely he must be lewed 21

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