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Goo, litle childe, and who doth you Appose,
  Seying, your_e_ quaire kepeth non accordaunce,
Tell [hym], as yite neyther of ryme ne prose 521
  Ye be experte; pray hym of sufferaunce;
  Childer must be of childly gouernaunce,
    And they must also entredet[1] be
[Sidenote 1:  Read entreted]
    Wyth esy thyng, [and not] of subtilte. 525


Your_e_ lytil quaier su_m_mitteth euery where
  To corecc_i_on and beneuolence,
But where enuie is, loke hit come not there, 528
  For eny thing kepith your_e_ trety thense;
  Enuie is full of frowarde reprehense,
    And howe to hurte liethe eu_er_e in awayte,
    Kepeth your_e_ quaier_e_, that hit be not her baite.



[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) Go, litill[e] Ioh[=n], & who doth you oppose,
    sayenge yo_u_r quayre, kepeth no_n_ accordavnce; 520
  Tell[e] hy_m_ as 3*et neyther_e_ i_n_ ryme ne p_r_ose
    ye ben exp_er_te; p_ra_y hy_m_ of suffraunce. 
    Chyldren[1] muste be of childy gou_er_navnce,
[Sidenote 1:  MS. Clyldren.]
      & also thei muste entreted be 524
      W_i_t_h_ easy thynge, & not w_i_t_h_ subtilte.

P) Go, lytill[e] quayer, submyte you eu_er_y where
    vnder correcc_i_on of benevolence;
  & wher envy ys, loke you cu_m_ not ther_e_, 528
    ffor any thyng kepe yo_u_r treatye thens;
    Envye ys full of froward reprehens,
      & how to hurte lyeth ever i_n_ a-wayte;
      kepe yo_u_r quayre that yt be not ther bayte. 532

        Here endyth A lytyll[e] treatyse
        called the boke of curtesy or litill[e] Ioh_a_n.



Go lytyl Io[=h]n / and who doth you appose
[Sidenote:  Whoever questions you,]
Sayng your quayer / kepe non accordance
Telle hym as yet / neyther in ryme ne prose 521
Ye ben expert / praye hym of suffra[=n]ce
[Sidenote:  say you are not yet up in rime or prose.]
Chyldren muste be / of chyldly gouerna[=n]ce
And also they muste entretyd_e_ be
With esy thing / and not with subtylte 525


Go lytil quayer / submytte you euery where
Vnder correct_i_on of benyuolence
[Sidenote:  Little book, I submit you to correction:]
And where enuye is / loke ye come not there 528
[Sidenote:  but go not where envy is.]
For ony thing_e_ / kepe your tretye thens
Enuye is ful of froward reprehens
And how to hurte / lyeth euer in a wayte
Kepe your quayer / that it be not ther bayte 532

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