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As at this tyme this tretice shall suffice,
  Disposeth you to kepe in your_e_ mynde
The doctrines whiche for you I deuyse, 514
  And douteth not, fulle welle ye shall hit fynde;
  To youre honoure enrolle hit vp and bynde
    Ryght in your_e_ brest, and in your_e_ ryper age
    I shall wryten you here-of the surplusage. 518

[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) To co_n_nyng p_er_sones regarde ye take,
    wher ye be sette, right i_n_ ententyf wyse;
  Co_n_nyng folke co_n_nyng me_n_ shall[e] make; 500
    to ther co_n_nyng ye shall[e] make yo_u_r surmyse,
    & as thei do, ye must yo_u_r selfe devyse;
      ffor this, my child, ys as the gospell[e] trewe,
      ‘who will[e] be co_n_nyng, he must co_n_nyng sewe.’ 504

P) And on thyng I warne you specyally: 
    to woma_n_hede take awe alway,
  & the_m_ to s_er_ve loke ye haue an eye,
    & ther co_m_avndment_is_ that ye obeye; 508
    Plesaunt word_is_ I avyse you to the_m_ saye,
      & in all[e] wyse do ye yo_u_r delygence
      To do the_m_ plesyre and reverence. 511

P) And at this tyme this treatise shall[e] suffice;
    Do pose you to kepe it in yo_u_r mynde,
  the doctryne which for you I devyse;
    & dowteth not, full[e] well[e] ye shall[e] yt fynde
    To yo_u_r honowr_e_; enrolle yt vp & bynde 516
      Rig[=h]t i_n_ yo_u_r brest, & at yo_u_r ryper age
      I shall[e] write you here-of the surplusage.



To connynd_e_ perso[=n]s regarde ye take
[Sidenote:  Watch knowing folk, and]
Where ye be sette / right in ententyf wyse
Connyng folk / connyng men shal make 500
To their co_n_nyng ye shal make your surmise
[Sidenote:  their skill.]
And as they do / ye muste your self deuyse
For this my child_e_ / is as the gospel trewe
Who wil be co_n_nyng / he must [th]^e co_n_nyng sewe 504


And one thing / I warne you specyally
To womanhede / take awe alweye
[Sidenote:  Specially attend to women, and]
And them to serue / loke ye haue an eye 507
And theire com_m_andementis that ye obeye
Plesant wordes I auyse you to them seye
[Sidenote:  speak pleasant words to them.]
And in alle wyse / do ye your diligence
To do them plesure / and reuerence 511


And at this tyme this tretye shal suffise
[Sidenote:  This is enough for the present.]
Dispose you / to kepe it in your mynde
[Sidenote:  Mind you attend to it,]
The doctrine whiche for you I deuyse 514
And doubteth not / ful wel ye shal it finde
To your honour / enrolle it vp and bynde
Right in your breste / and at your riper age
I shal wryte to you / herof the surplusage 518
[Sidenote:  and when you’re older I’ll write you the rest.]

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