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Braced so strayt / that he may not plye
[Sidenote:  being braced so tight that he can’t bend.]
But gaderith it / by maner of a wyndelas
And he ought wrenche a syde / or a litil wrie 472
[Sidenote:  If he twists, a lace is like to crack.]
His geer stondeth then_n_e / in ful parlo_us_ caas
His sho / his hose / doblet / point & laas
And yf ought breke / som_m_e tu_n_ges [th]^t be bad_e_
Wil mocke & saie / a knaue hath broke a lad 476

* * * * *



Lat galaunte go, I mene, recheles ruskyn;
  Take hede, my childe, to suche as ben cu_n_nyng,
So shall ye wyrship best conquere and wynne, 479
  Enforsith you in all your_e_ demenyng
  To sewe vertu, and[1] from foly declynyng;
[Sidenote 1:  Omit and]
    And, my childe, that ye loue of honeste. 
    Which is accordyng wyth humanyte. 483


That is, to you to vndirstond And knowe,
  That your_e_ aray be manerly and resonable,
Not appeissh knawen[1] and to mowe, 486
[Sidenote 1:  Sic.]
  I[n] nyse aray that is not couenable,
  Fetis founde be folkys vnp_ro_fitable,
    That maketh this world_e_ so pleynly t_ra_nsformate,
    That men semen almost effeminate. 490


Pley not Iakke mAlaperte, that is to sey,
  Be ware of p_re_sumpc_i_oun, be ware of pride,
Take not the fyrst place, my childe, be no way, 493
  Till odir be sette manerly abyde,
  Presomcion is often sette asyde,
    And Avalith f[r]om his highe[1] de-gre,
[Sidenote 1:  MS. hight.]
    And he sette vppe that hath humanite. 497

[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) Lete gallant go!  I mene, recheles ruskyn: 
    Take hede my child to suche as be co_n_nyng,
  so shall[e] ye best worship co_n_qvere & wynne;
    Enforce you i_n_ all[e] yo_u_r demenyng 480
    To folowe vertu, & fro foly declynnyng;
      & weyte well[e] that ye love honeste
      which ys accordyng vnto humanyte.

[Sidenote:  Ihu 1503 per Richard Hill:  ffl C lxv]

P) That ys for you to vnd_er_stond & knowe,
    that yo_u_r araye be manerly resonable, 485
  Not apysshe ynto moke ne to mowe;
    To nyce araye that ys not co_m_mendable,
    ffetys, newe fonden by foolis vnp_ro_fytable, 488
      that make the worlde so playnly transformate
      that me_n_ seme_n_ Almost enfemynate.

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