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And syke also, and in case ye fynde
  Suche gleynes fresch as hath some apparence
Of fayre langage, yet take them and vnbynde, 423
  And preueth what they beth in existence,
  Coloured in langage, savory in sentence,
    And dou[te]th not, my childe, wythoute drede,
    Hit woll profite such thyng to se and rede. 427


Yit eft-sonnys, my child_e_, let us resorte
  To the intente of our_e_ fyrst matier_e_
Digresside, somwhat fulle we wolld reporte, 430
  And reuyue the lawde of them that were
  Founders of our_e_ langage, thilke fadyrs dere,
    Who-is soulis god [aboue] in b[l]esse inhaunce
    That lusten so our_e_ langage to Avaunce. 434

[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) And unto my age bot good morowe
    I am not able clerly for to gleyne,
  Nature ys fayn_e_ of crafte her eyen to borow; 416
    Me lakketh clernes of myn_e_ eyen twayn_e_;
    Begge I may / gleyn_e_ I may not c_er_teyn_e_;
      therfore that werke I will[e] playnly remytte
      To folk_is_ yong, more passyng clere of wyte. 420

P) Seche ye therfore, & in caas ye fynde
    suche glenars fresshe as haue su_m_ apparens
  Off fayer la_n_gage, yet take the_m_, & vnbynde,
    & preve ye what thei be i_n_ existence 424
    Colovred i_n_ langage, saverly i_n_ sentence,
      & dowte not, my child, w_i_t_h_-owt drede
      yt will[e] p_ro_fet to se such thy_n_g_is_, & rede. 427

P) Ye, efte-soones, my child, let vs resorte
    To the yntent of yo_u_r fyrst matere
  Degressed somwhat, for we wolde reporte
    & revyue the lawde of the_m_ that were
    famovs i_n_ owr_e_ langage, thise faders dere 432
      who_s_[1] sowles i_n_ blis, god et_er_nall[e] avaunce,
[Sidenote 1:  The s is by a later hand.]
      that lysten sone owr_e_ langage to enhavnce!



And vnto me / age hath bode good morowe
I am not able clenly / for to gleyne
[Sidenote:  I cannot glean,]
Nature is fay[=n] of craft / her eyen to borowe 416
Me lacketh clerenes / of myn eyen tweyne
Begge I maye / gleyne I can not certeyne
[Sidenote:  I can only beg:]
Therfore [th]^t werck / I wil playnly remytte
To folkis yong / more passyng clere of witte 420
[Sidenote:  gleaning I give up to younger folks.]


Seche ye therfore / and in caas ye fynde
[Sidenote:  If you find such gleaners,]
Such gleynors fressh as haue so[=m] appare_n_ce
Of fayr langage / yet take hem & unbynde 423
[Sidenote:  unbind their sheaves:]
And preue ye / what they be in existence
Colourd in langage / sauerly in sentence
[Sidenote:  their fair speech]
And doubte not my childe / withoute drede
It wil prouffite to see suche thingis & red[e][1] 427
[Sidenote:  will profit you.]

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