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Beholde Oclyff in his translac_i_on,
  In goodly langage and sentence passing wyse,
Yevyng the prince suche exortac_i_on 353
  As to his highnesse he coude best devyse. 
  Of trouth, peace, of mercy, and of Iustice,
    And odir vertuys, sparing for no slouthe
    To don his devere, and quiten hym, as trouth 357


Required hym, anenste his souereyne,
  Most dradde and louyd, whos excellent highnesse
He aduertysede by his writing playne, 360
  To vertue p_er_teynyng to the nobles
  Of a prince, and berith wyttenesse
    His trety entitlede ‘of regyment,’
    Compyled of most entier true entent. 364


Loketh Also vppon dan Iohn lidgate,
  My mastir_e_, whilome clepid monke of bury,
Worthy to be renownede laureate, 367
  I pray to god_e_, in blis his soule be mery,
  Synging ‘Rex Splendens,’ the heuenly ‘kery,’
    Among the muses ix celestiall,
    Afore the hieghest Iubiter of all. 371

[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) Behold Ocklyf in his transslacion,[1]
[Sidenote 1:  transflacion]
    In goodly langage & se_n_tence passyng wyse 352
  howe he gewyth his p_ri_nce such exortac_i_on
    As to the hyeste he covld best devyse
    Off trowt[=h] / pees / m_er_cy / & Iustyse,
      & vertu, lettyng for no slowth 356
      To do his devoyre & qvyte hy_m_ his trowth.

P) Requyre hy_m_ As Agaynst his soverayn_e_,
    moste Drade & loved, whose excellent hyenes
  he advertysed by his wrytyng playn_e_ 360
    To vertu ap_er_teynyng to nobles
    Off a p_ri_nce, as beryt[=h] god wytnes,
      hys treatye entytled of regemente,
      Compyled of entyer trewe entente. 364

P) Loke also than vpon Ioh_a_n lydgate,
    My mayrster, whylom monke of bury,
  worthy to be renomed As poete lavreate;
    I p_ra_y to god in blysse his sowle be mery, 368
    Syngyng / Rex splendens / that hevenly Kyrye,
      Amonge the mvses nyne celestyall[e]
      be-fore the hyghest Iubyter of all[e],



Beholde Ocklyf in his translac_i_on
[Sidenote:  Read Occleve too,]
In goodly langage / & sente_n_ce passyng wyse
How he gyueth his prynce / suche exortac_i_on 353
[Sidenote:  who gave his Prince such wise advice]
As to the hyest / he coude best deuyse
Of trouthe. pees. mercy. and Iustise
And vertues / leetyng for no slouthe
To do his deuoir & quite him of his trouthe 357


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