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P) O fader & fownder of ornate eloquence
    that Illumyned hast all[e] owre bretayne! 
  To sone we loste thy lavreat science, 332
    O lusty lyqvovre of that fulsu_m_ fontayn_e_! 
    O cursed det[=h]! why hast thou that poete slayn_e_,
      I mene fader chavucer, mayst_er_ galfryde? 
      Alas the while that ever he from vs dyed! 336

P) Redyt[=h] his werkes full[e] of plesavnce,
    Clere in sentence, I_n_ langage excellente: 
  Bryefly to wryte, such was his suffysavnce,
    What-ever_e_ to say he toke i_n_ his entente, 340
    his langage was so fayer_e_ & p_er_tynente,
      yt semet[=h] vnto manys heryng
      Not only the worde, but veryly the thyng. 343

P) Redyth, my child, redyth his bookes all[e],
    Refusith Non, they ben expedyente;
  sentence or langage, bot[=h] fynd ye shall[e];
    ffull[e] delectable that good fader mente,
    for all[e] his purpose & his hole entente 348
      [was] how to please in eu_er_y audyence,
      & In owr_e_ tonge was well[e] of Eloquence.



[Sidenote:  Leaf 163, back.]

O fader and founder of ornate eloquence
[Sidenote:  and the Father and Founder of Eloquence,]
That enlumened hast alle our bretayne
To soone we loste / thy laureate scyence 332
O lusty lyquour / of that fulsom fontayne
O cursid deth / why hast thou [th]^t poete slayne
I mene fader chaucer / maister galfryde
[Sidenote:  mayster Galfryde Chawcer,]
Alas the whyle / that euer he from vs dyde 336


[Sidenote:  Leaf 9 a.]

Redith his werkis / ful of plesaunce
[Sidenote:  whose works are full of pleasaunce,]
Clere in sentence / in langage excellent
Briefly to wryte / suche was his suffysa[=n]ce 339
What euer to saye / he toke in his entente
His langage was so fayr and pertynente
It semeth vnto mannys heeryng_e_
Not only the worde / but verely the thynge 343
[Sidenote:  whose language seems not only words, but truly things.]


Redeth my chylde / redeth his bookes alle
Refuseth none / they ben expedyente
[Sidenote:  Read all his books; refuse none:]
Sentence or langage / or bothe fynde ye shall_e_ 346
Ful delectable / for that good fader mente
[Sidenote:  he is delightful.]
Of al his purpose / and his hole entente
How to plese in euery audyence
And in our tunge / was welle of eloquence 350

* * * * *



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