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Avise you well whan ye take your_e_ disporte,
  Honest games that ye haunte and vse,
And suche as ben of violente reporte, 297
  I counsell you, my childe, that ye refuse;
  For trustith well ye shall nout you excuse
    From berchely fest, yef I may you aspie
    Playng at[1] eny game of rebaudie. 301
[Sidenote 1:  MS. or.]


Itt is to A goodly childe well syttyng,
  To vse disportis of myrth and plesaunce,
To harpe and lute, or lustely to syng, 304
  And in the pres ryght manerly to daunce;
  When men se A childe of suche gouernaunce,
    They seyn, ’gladde may this [childes] frendis be
    To haue a sone soo manerly as he.’ 308

[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) But beware, my child, also of rehersayle
    Off maters whiche be at the table meved:  289
  It grewet[=h][1] ofte, & dot[=h] me_n_ dysavayle;
[Sidenote 1:  The line is over the th.]
    ffull[e] many a ma_n_ that vyce hathe myscheved;
    Off evyll[e] thynke sayd, ys worse co_n_tryved; 292
      Suche reportes alwaye, my child, eschewe,
      As may of olde frend_is_ make enmyes newe.

P) Avyse you well[e] wha_n_ ye take yo_u_r dysporte,
    honeste games that ye hawnt & vse; 296
  & suche as bene of vyleyns report,
    I cownsell[e] you, my child, that ye refuse;
    ffor truste ye well[e] ye shall[e] you not excuse
      ffro_m_ brecheles feste, & I may you espye 300
      Playenge at any game of rebawdrye.

P) Ytt ys to a goodly child well[e] syttyng
    To vse dysportes of myrth & plesavnce,
  to harpe, to lute, or lustyly to synge, 304
    Or i_n_ the prees right manerly to davnce.
    wha_n_ me_n_ se a child of suche governavnce,
      thei saye, ’glade may this child_is_ frendys be
      To haue a child so manerly as ys he.’ 308



But beware my child_e_ / also of rehersayll_e_
[Sidenote:  Don’t repeat what you hear at table.]
Of maters / whiche ben atte table meuid_e_
It greuith ofte / and_e_ doth men disauayle 290
Ful many a man / [th]^t vice hath myscheuid_e_
Of euyl thing_e_ said_e_ / is werse contryuid_e_
Suche reportis / alway my child_e_ eschewe
As may of olde fre_n_dis / make enemyes newe 294


[Sidenote:  Leaf 8 a.]

Aduise you wel whan ye take your disporte
Honest games / that ye haunte and_e_ vse
[Sidenote:  Play only at proper games.]
And suche as ben of vylayns reporte 297
I counceyl you my chyld / that ye refuse
For truste ye wel / ye shal you not excuse
From brecheles feste / and I may you espye
Playng_e_ at ony game of Rybawdrye 301

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