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[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) And wha_n_ p_er_caas yo_u_r s_er_vyce ys not large,
    Groge not w_i_t_h_ frownynge covntenavnce,
  Ne make ther-of not to mykyll[e] charge;
    Dyspose you to goodly suffravnce, 228
    & what ye haue, take yt in suffysavnce;
      be you plesid w_i_t_h_ suche as god hath you sent;
      he ha[=th] ynowgh [th]at ca_n_ hold hy_m_ co_n_tente.

[Sidenote:  ffl C lxij back.]

P) Burnysshe no bonys w_i_t_h_ yo_u_r te[=th], be ware, 232
    Suche hownd_is_ tacches fallen of vncurtesye,
  but w_i_t_h_ yo_u_r knyfe make the bonys bare. 
    Handle yo_u_r mete so well[e] & so clenly
    That ye offende not the company 236
      wher ye be sette, as ferforthe as ye can,
      Reme_m_bryng well[e] that maners make man.

P) And whan that ye ete yo_u_r mete small[e],
    w_i_t_h_ open mowth be ware ye not ete, 240
  but loke / yo_u_r lyppes be closed as a wall[e];
    wha_n_ to & fro ye traverse yo_u_r mete,
    kepe you so cloos that men haue no co_n_ceyte
      To saye of you any langage or vylonye 244
      by cavse ye ete yo_u_r mete so vnmanerly.



And whan percaas your seruise is not large
Gruccheth not / with frownyng contena_u_nce
[Sidenote:  If your helping is not large, don’t grumble,]
Ne make therof / not to mykyl charge 227
Dispose you to goodly suffra_u_nce
And what ye haue / take it in suffysa_u_nce
Be ye plesid with suche as god hath you sent
[Sidenote:  but be content.]
He hath ynough / that can hold_e_ hym conte_n_t 231


[Sidenote:  Leaf 6 b.]

Burnysshe no bones / with your teth / beware
[Sidenote:  Don’t burnish bones with your teeth.]
Suche houndis tacches / falle of vncurtesye
But with your knyf / make the bones bare 234
Handle your mete / so wel and so clenly
[Sidenote:  Handle your food cleanly,]
That ye offende not the company
Where ye be sette / as ferfort[=h] as ye can
Reme_m_bryng wel / that manners make ma[=n]. 238
[Sidenote:  for Manners make Man.]


And_e_ whan that / ye ete your mete small_e_
With open mout[=h] / beware ye not ete
[Sidenote:  Eat with your lips closed]
But loke your lippea / be closed as a wall_e_ 241
Whan to and_e_ fro / ye trauerse your mete
Kepe you so cloos / that men haue no co_n_seite
To say of you / ony langage or vilonye
Bicause ye ete your mete / vnmanerly 245

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