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Lowse not your_e_ gyrdyll syttyng at your_e_ table,[1]
[Sidenote 1:  Sic. Read “mete.”]
  For that is a tache of vncurtesye,
But and ye seme ye be enbrasyde streite, 199
  Or than ye sitte amende hit secrely,
  So couertly that no wyght hit espie. 
    Be ware also no breth from you rebounde
    Vppe ne downe, be ware that shamefull sounde.

[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

[Sidenote:  ffl C lxij.]

P) Enbrewe not yo_u_r vessell ne yo_u_r naprye
    over maner & mesure, but kepe the_m_ clene; 184
  Ensoyle not yo_u_r cuppe, but kepe yt clenly,
    lete no farsyone on yo_u_r lyppis be sene,
    ffor that ys fowle; ye wott what I mene. 
      Or than ye drynke, for yo_u_r own honeste 188
      yo_u_r lyppys wype, & clenly loke they be.

P) Blowe not i_n_ yo_u_r drynke ne i_n_ yo_u_r pottage. 
    Ne ferce not yo_u_r disshe to full[e] of brede;
  bere not yo_u_r knyf toward yo_u_r vysage, 192
    ffor theryn ys peryll[e] & mykell[e] drede;
    Clawe not yo_u_r visage, tovch not yo_u_r hede
      w_i_t_h_ yo_u_r bare honde syttyng at the table,
      ffor i_n_ norture suche thyng_is_ be rep_ro_veable. 196

P) Lose not yo_u_r gyrdyll[e] syttyng at yo_u_r mete,
    ffor that is a tache of vncurtesye;
  but yff ye seme ye be enbrased streyte,
    or than ye sytte, amend yt secretly 200
    So wysely that no wyght you aspye.
      be ware also no breth fro you rebownd
      Vp ne down_e_, lest ye were shamfull[e] fownd.



Enbrewe not your vessel / ne your naprye
[Sidenote:  Don’t dirty your cloth or cup.]
Ouer maner & mesure / but kepe hem clene
Ensoyle not your cuppe / but kepe it clenlye 185
Lete no fat farssine / on your lippes be sene
For that is fowle / ye wote what I mene
Or than ye drynke / for your owen honeste
[Sidenote:  Wipe your lips before you drink.]
Your lippes wype / and clenly loke they be 189


[Sidenote:  Leaf 5 b.]

Blowe not in your dri_n_ke ne in your potage
[Sidenote:  Don’t blow on your food,]
Ne farse not your dishe to ful of brede
Bere not your knyf / to ward_e_ your visage 192
[Sidenote:  or put your knife to your face,]
For therin is parell_e_ / and mykyl drede
Clawe not your visage / touche not your hede
[Sidenote:  or scratch it or your head.]
With your bare honde / sittyng atte table
For in norture / suche thing is reprouable 196


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