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P) Eschewe also tacches of fowle ravayne,
    of gredy luste; w_i_t_h_ vncurteys appetyte 177
  prece not to sone; fro yo_u_r vyande restrayn_e_
    yo_u_r hand a while w_i_t_h_ manerly respyte;
    ffede you for necessyte, & not for delyte. 180
      Demene you w_i_t_h_ mete & dry_n_ke so soberly
      That ye not be Infecte wyth glotony.



This curtoys clerk / writeth in this wise
Rebukyng_e_ the vice / of vyle detracc_i_on
[Sidenote:  rebukes the vice of detraction,]
What man it be / that of custom & guyse 164
Hurteth with tunge / or by foule colusi[=o]n
Thabsente / weyue ye for that abusio[=n]
Suche a detractour / from the table
[Sidenote:  and bids you turn all backbiters from the table]
As vnworthy / and also reprochable 168


[Sidenote:  Leaf 5 a.]

Whan ye sitte therfore at your repaste
Annoye ye noman presente nor absente
But speke ye fewe / for yf ye make waste 171
[Sidenote:  Speak little.]
Of large langage / for sothe ye must be shent
And whan ye speke / speke ye with good e_n_te_n_t
[Sidenote:  and that pleasantly.]
Of maters acordyng_e_ vnto plesance
But nothi_n_g / that may cause men greua[=n]ce 175


Eschewe also tacches of foule Raueyne
[Sidenote:  Don’t be ravenous,]
Of gredy luste / with vncurteys appetyte[1]
Prece not to sone / fro your viand restreyne 178
Your honde a while / with manerly respite
[Sidenote:  but keep your hands from your food for a time.]
Fede you for necessite / & not for delite
Demene you with mete / & drynke so sobrely
That ye not ben enfecte with glotony 182

[Footnote 1:  Orig. appetyce.]

* * * * *



Embrewe not your_e_ vesselle ne your_e_ cuppe[1]
[Sidenote 1:  Sic. Read “napery.”]
  Ouer mesure and maner, but saue them clene;
Ensoyle not your_e_ cuppe, but kepe hit clenely, 185
  Lete no fatte ferthyng of your_e_ lippe be sen. 
  For that is foule; wotte you what I mene? 
    Or than ye drincke, for your_e_ owne honeste,
    Your_e_ lippis wepe, and klenly loke they be. 189


Blowe not in your_e_ drincke ne in your_e_ potage,
  Ne farsith not your_e_ disshe to full of brede,
Ne bere not your_e_ knyf towarde your_e_ vysage, 192
  For ther_e_-in is parell and mekell drede. 
  Clawe not your_e_ face ne touche not your_e_ hede
    Wyth your_e_ bare hande, sittyng at the table,
    For in norture that is reprouable. 196

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