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[Sidenote:  Hill’s Text.]

P) As ye be co_m_avnded, so do ye algate; 120
    be not cavseles fro the table absente;
  yt ys a grete pleasure to the high estate[1]
[Sidenote 1:  noble, lord.]
    To se his s_er_vaunttes abowte hy_m_ presente.
    havnte no halke, for the_n_ ye will[e] be shente; 124
      lette maner_e_ & mesure be yo_u_r gydes twayne;
      so shall[e] ye best please, I dare savely sayne.

P) Reward also thy loke & contenavnce,
    Off yo_u_r master or of yo_u_r soverayne, 128
  so shall[e] ye best p_re_ve what ys his plesavnce
    or ell_is_ his dysplesavnce:  this ys s_er_tayne,
    The chere discovereth oftyn both[e] twayn,
      & eke the chere su_m_tyme may yow addresse 132
      In thyn_gis_ the langage may not the_n_ expresse.

[Sidenote:  ffl C lxj, back.]

P) And that ye here, loke ye kepe always secre;
    besy reporte, of myschefe ys chese noryse;
  Mykyll[e] langage may not all[e] fawtles be; 136
    The_n_ do, my chyld, as techeth you the wyse
    whiche vnto you this lessu_n_ doth devyce: 
      here & see, & be styll[e] in eu_er_y prees,
      passe forthe yo_u_r way i_n_ scilence & i_n_ pees. 140



As ye be comanded_e_ / so do ye algate
Be not causeles / fro the table absent
[Sidenote:  Don’t absent yourself from table,]
It is a grete plesure / to the hyghe estate 122
To see his seruantis aboute hym present
Haunte no halke / for the_n_ne ye wil be shente
[Sidenote:  or stick yourself in a corner.]
Lete maner & mesure / be your gydes tweyne
[Sidenote:  Let Manners and Moderation guide you.]
So shal ye best plese / I dar sauely seyne 126


[Sidenote:  Leaf 4 a.]

Rewarde also the loke and_e_ contenaunce
Of your maister / or of your souereyne
[Sidenote:  Look at your master’s face;]
So shal ye best preue what is his plesa[=n]ce 129
Or els displesaunce / this is soth serteyne
[Sidenote:  that’ll show whether he’s pleased or not.]
The chere discouerith / often bothe tweyne
And eke [th]^e cher_e_ / somtyme may you addresse
In thi_n_gis / [th]^t la_n_gage may not them expresse 133


And_e_ that ye her loke / kepe alway secree
[Sidenote:  Keep secret all you hear.]
Besy reporte / of mischief is chief noryse
Mykyl langage / may not al fawtles bee 136
Then_n_e do my childe / as techeth you the wyse
Whiche vnto you / this lesson doth deuyse
Here and see / and_e_ be styll_e_ in euery prees
Passe forth your way in scilence & in pees 140
[Sidenote:  Hear, see, and go your way.]

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