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P) Yo_u_r hond_is_ wasshe; yt ys an holsom thyng;
    yo_u_r naylis loke they be not gety blake, 44
  Ne suffre not the_m_ over longe growyng. 
    To yo_u_r A-raye I warne you good hede take,
    Manerly & ffyte loke you yt make;
      yo_ur_ hood / gown_e_ / hosen / & eke yo_u_r sho, 48
      w_i_t_h_ all yo_u_r araye longyng yo_u_r body to.

P) Kepe you clene, & lose not yo_u_r gere;
    & or you passe owt of yo_u_r lodgyng,
  Eu_er_y garment that ye shall[e] were, 52
    Awayte well[e] that yt be so syttyng
    & to yo_u_r degre semed accordyng;
      Tha_n_ will[e] me_n_ say, “for sothe this child ys he
     that ys well[e] tawght, & loweth honeste.” 56



Kembe your hede / & loke ye kepe it clene
[Sidenote:  Comb your head;]
Your eres tweyne / suffre not fowl to be
[Sidenote:  clean your ears]
In your visage / wayte no spot be sene 38
Purge your nose / lete noman in it see
[Sidenote:  and nose;]
The vile mater / it is none honeste
Ne with your bare honde / no filth fro it fecche
[Sidenote:  don’t pick it.]
For that is fowl / and an vncurtoys teche 42


[Sidenote:  Leaf 2 a.]

Your hondes wesshe / it is an holsom thing_e_
Your naylis loke / they be not gety blacke
Ne suffre not hem / to be ou_er_ longe growyng 45
[Sidenote:  Wash your hands; don’t keep your nails jet-black or too
To your araye / I warne you good hede take
That manerly ye fytte it vp and make
[Sidenote:  Wear fit clothes, that fit well]
Your hood_e_. gowne. hosyn / & eke your sho
With al your aray longyng your body to 49


Kepe you clene / and lose not your gere
And or ye passe / out of your loggyng_e_
Euery garment / that ye shal on were 52
Awayte wel / that it be so syttyng_e_
As to your degre / semeth accordyng_e_
[Sidenote:  and suit your station;]
The_n_ne wil men saye / forsoth this childe is he
[Sidenote:  the men will praise you.]
That is wel taught / and louyth honeste 56

* * * * *



Avise you well Also for eny thyng,
  The schirche of prayer is the house and place,
Be ware ther_e_-for_e_ of clappe or Ianglyng, 80
  For in the schirche that is full gret trysspace,
  And A token of hem that lacken grace;
    Ther beth demur_e_ and kepeth your_e_ sylence,
    And serueth god wyth all your_e_ deligence. 84


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