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7.  To call a boat, signal the initial letter of her name until answered.  To answer a call, signal A.A. 3 (I understand).

8.  If the sender makes an error he should immediately signal E.E. 3 (I have made an error), and resume the message, beginning with the last word sent correctly.

9.  If the receiver does not understand a signal he should signal C.C. 3 (Repeat last word); the sender should then repeat the last word and proceed with the message.

Examinations used by the U. S. V. L. S. C., Camp Becket Y. Y. C. A. Auxiliary corps, August 24, 1910

A-Boat Work—­10 Points 1.  With what knot should you tie a boat? 2.  Define amidships, thole-pin[1], painter[2]. 3.  Define port, starboard, aft. 4.  Explain briefly a rescue from the bow. 5.  Explain briefly a rescue from the stern.

[Transcriber’s Footnote 1:  thole-pin:  Pairs of wooden pegs set in the gunwales as an oarlock.]

[Transcriber’s Footnote 2:  painter:  Rope attached to the bow for tying up when docking or towing.]

B-Water Work—­10 Points 1.  Describe breakaway Number 3. 2.  “Before jumping into water for rescue, be sure to do-” what? 3.  Give two ways to locate a body. 4.  If you are seized and cannot break away, what should you do? 5.  “If in a strong outsetting tide, it is advisable when rescuing to-” do what?

C—­General First Aid—­10 Points 1.  How and where do you apply a tourniquet? 2.  Give the treatment for fainting. 3.  Give the treatment for sun-stroke. 4.  Give the treatment for wounds. 5.  Give the treatment for and symptoms of shock.

D-Wig-Wag—­10 points
Translate into code “Go send them help quick.” 
Translate into English

E-Write an essay on general methods, precautions, etc., for rescuing. —­ 20 Points

F-Write an essay on how you would restore an apparently drowned man to consciousness.—­20 Points

G-Practical First Aid (Make appointment with the doctor.)



If you work your hands like paddles and kick your feet, you can stay above water for several hours, even with your clothes on.  It requires a little courage and enough strength of mind not to lose your head.


Many boy swimmers make the mistake of going into the water too soon after eating.  The stomach and digestive organs are busy preparing the food for the blood and body.  Suddenly they are called upon to care for the work of the swimmer.  The change is too quick for the organs, the process of digestion stops.  Congestion is apt to follow, and then the paralyzing cramps.

Indian Method

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